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  • bullswilrocnba bullswilrocnba Dec 6, 2013 6:48 PM Flag

    JP Shorts are busy. Must be nervous!

    You guys are f$$ked next week! Hahahaha!

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    • Anyone interested in ICLD's value why not go to their site and read their 3rd quarter earnings report filed with the SEC. They have stated in there they owe $20 Million in loans from creditors and have SEVERAL million shares of common stock they can dilute at any time if needed to pay their debt! . The terms of the loan is to be paid back by 2017. Sounds like plenty of time, but the SEC put numerous stipulations in there. If they do not pay $5 Million of it by April 2014 the loan will need to be paid in full by the end of 2014! Read a little further and you will see :

      Current assets in Dec 12 $10.1m,
      Current assets Sep 13 $18.6m

      So they are up $8.5 Mill ……WOW they are doing pretty good assets up 80%,

      Current liabilities in Dec 12 $13.4m,
      current liabilities Sep 13 $26.0m

      Debt up $12.6 Million Ouch ! That is is an increase of almost 100%

      So if you do a little basic math each year they are going further into debt. At a current operating loss of $8 Million a year how do you expect them to to pay that $5 million loan payment due next quarter?!?!?!

      Thats right, the millions of shares of stock they are going to dilute!!!!!!

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