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  • lawwman719 lawwman719 Jan 26, 2011 10:00 AM Flag

    UP UP & AWAY

    Went thru $23 like a hot knife thru butter!!

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    • Be nice to see it go up through $24 again. JMHO, believe we will see $26+ prior to financials in Februay.

      Good luck all!

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      • Hi, Bookerone2000. Someone here has to be the optimist and I think you're the best qualified :-)

        It looks to me that we're converging on the new price level as somewhere near yesterday's close of 23.66. According to my thesis that recent price move is liquidity driven, is not based on any news or change in fundamentals, and is natural (not manipulated), what I would expect is that we'll essentially trade sideways and maybe drift up to around 24 or a bit higher at best.

        It's good to make a prediction then see if it bears out. I'd encourage others who are skeptical of my thesis to also make predictions. This is scientific method in action and still the best way. It's always possible to explain the past, but that tends to have little value unless it's accompanied by a testable prediction. For example, for those who feel sure the lipitor rumor is manipulation, what future effect on share price do you predict based on that thesis? Then we can start to compare and see which thesis is best supported by future data.

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