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  • micredman88 micredman88 Aug 4, 2014 5:53 PM Flag

    Once again!

    Puma and her team failed miserable!!!!!!!38-43 mil for current qtr!!!!!! way below previous concensus! Everything pushed out to 2015! Once again way behind the curve. With a market correction starting, this is dead money for a while! Should drop back to the 1.20-1.40 range here shortly.

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    • I'm glad I'm out. ACLS has what appear to be a set of outstanding products. However, they are a small player in semiconductor fabrication equipment and customers are liable to be skittish about buying from them no matter how good their products are. And it bothers me that Intel is not a customer.

      One thing I have learned about tech companies is that just because a company has good products does not mean it is going to be a winner in the market.

    • Help me out here. I've owned and, therefore, been watching this stock for three+ years (per my brokers suggestion) and lost a 45%. Am I the only one who would demand some answers from the board of directors? To initially budget 60M in sales and then report 40M indicates some serious internal issues. I'm a retired CPA and, given quality internal controls, a 33% swing indicates a rather large accounting issue. Pointing fingers at "these sales" didn't come through or ... whatever ... is foolish. AICPA guidelines indicate that amounts are only to be recorded when they are "fixed and determinable" (and that includes budgets). The auditors should make note of this. Yes, I'm frustrated and angry. Then again, from day one I've wondered about the valuation of their inventory (it's over-stated); which would make matters even worse. It's crossed my mind that the auditors are just like the board of directors and a bunch of 'yes people'.

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      • go back just one qtr when Seeking Alpha estimated a $93M revenue. This company is so sick Puma has hired outside tech help to figure it out for them, cause that can't. While semi's go thru a slump I can see this company going bankrupt, but before that selling off fractions of the asset piece by piece. One of the worst managed in America. Totally missed the recovery.

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