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    • CLPA - The Long And Short Of It.

      Shares Outstanding:

      27,873,457 (Sep 30, 2000 Quarterly)

      (Note: Most sites show 27,873,457 or close)
      (Estimate since Sep 30, 2000 Quarterly - approx 32,460,957)

      Institutional Holdings:

      20.6% => 6,386,000 shares (based on 20.6% of 31,000,000)`&selected=CLPA&FormType=Insti

      Insider Holdings:

      37.0% => 10,313,179 (based on 37.0% of 27,873,457)

      Short Interest:

      15Feb01 Short Interest: 5,230,644 (18.77%)
      12Jan01 Short Interest: 5,411,956 (19.42%)
      Shares Outstanding: 27,873,457

      15Dec00 Short Interest: 5,580,650 (20.08%)
      15Nov00 Short Interest: 5,580,977 (20.08%)
      Shares Outstanding: 27,794,658

      13Oct00 Short Interest: 6,178,623 (22.23%)
      Shares Outstanding: 27,600,000

      15Sep00 Short Interest: 7,740,901 (28.05%)
      15Aug00 Short Interest: 7,703,233 (27.91%)
      14Jul00 Short Interest: 7,420,017 (26.88%)
      15Jun00 Short Interest: 6,834,186 (24.76%)
      15May00 Short Interest: 6,585,817 (23.86%)
      15Apr00 Short Interest: 6,070,769 (21.99%)
      15Mar00 Short Interest: 5,569,891 (20.18%)
      Shares Outstanding: 25,500,000

      15Feb00 Short Interest: 5,966,307 (23.40%)
      14Jan00 Short Interest: 5,221,339 (20.48%)
      15Dec99 Short Interest: 5,174,975 (20.29%)


      27,873,457 shares outstanding
      10,313,179 shares owned by insiders
      6,386,000 shares owned by institutions

      The actual available float is .... 11,174,278 shares

      11,174,278 available shares to cover the 5,230,644 short shares

      Just For Information, recently "UPC" has been appearing next to
      tick values for CLPA:

      Uniform Practice Code, NASDAQ (RESTRICTED)

      From the help at Thompson's:

      "NASDAQ (RESTRICTED)" - The Nasdaq Stock Market, in cooperation
      with the National Securities Clearing Corporation, publishes a
      daily list of securities restricted under Uniform Practice Code 11830.
      Under SEC rules, NASD members may be required to close out short
      sales in Nasdaq securities that meet a certain clearing short position
      threshold. When applicable, vendors are required to display a special
      restricted indicator on all real-time quotation displays for individual
      Nasdaq National Market or Nasdaq Small Cap Market issues.

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      • The Gudnooz Post...

        Remember What I Said ???

        It could be tomorrow, or it could be months. I don't know
        what the FDA hangup is. Rumors are a dime a dozen.

        It definitely is good news that CLPA has no funding problems
        for a long time, but that little devil/angel sitting on my
        shoulder says that the gloom and doom attitude of some folks
        on this board are greatly overstated.

        Has CLPA announced withdrawing the NDA? Nope - absolutely
        a good sign, because CLPA is continuing to give the
        FDA cash for some reason, and of course their fudiciary
        responsibilities would warrant that kind of announcement.

        Has CLPA announced that they have to provide a serious
        amount of additional data? Nope - absolutely a good sign,
        because their fudiciary responsibilities would warrant such
        an announcement, if there was cause.

        Has CLPA announce that they have to start or reconduct another
        Phase III sort of test? Nope - absolutely a good sign,
        because "ditto".

        Does CLPA have additional FAP data if requested? - Yep.
        Does CLPA have additional non-FAP data that may be relevant if requested? - Yep.
        Does CLPA have additional studies on-going for additional data? - Yep.

        Did the FDA stop the FAP study in children? - Nope.
        Did the FDA stop the FAP extension? - Nope.
        Did the FDA stop the compassionate use? - Nope.
        Did the FDA stop the SAP efforts? - Nope.

        Let's add this up...

        The FDA says the NDA is "Not Approvable".
        Go ahead and continue giving the drug to those 12 and 13 year old kids.
        Go ahead and continue giving the drug to all those other people you have on the drug.
        Go ahead and test the crap out of it on other people.
        Go ahead and give the drug to other companies so they can play with it too.

        Now, why do I think that the FDA's concerns, although maybe warranted, aren't
        really serious concerns as to safety and efficacy.

        Now, why do I think that the end is nearer than we all think.