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  • jdt115 jdt115 Aug 15, 2013 3:56 PM Flag

    Conference Call Today

    If you listened to the recorded CC today it was about as bad as it gets. One guy (Owen asked 3 questions)1. How many on site training centers of which the answer was 35. When will the new online platform be up and running and the answer was by the end of the year which means late December to me. 3. Where do we stand with the Texhelp partnership and the answer was we should have the language translation and everything ready to launch in September. The disturbing part here is that the Texthelp press release came out on November 26th 2012, which means it will have taken them almost 9 months to launch assuming they actually get it done in September. More disturbing is that there was and never has been a mention of the fact that they have $68 million in the bank with no debt and the entire company is now worth a market cap of around $3.2 million and 30 cents per share. I don't see this getting any better for us anytime soon. They have really stuck it to us again! JDT

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    • What is more disturbing is that there were only one person in the Q&A! Wonder what happen to Laurence Udell - Udell Advisors? Must be on vacation. He was the one asking the more insightful and tougher questions.

      I like the way Mr. Yu continues to generalized his answers. For example on today's CC:

      Christian Arnell

      Hello, it’s around 35.

      Unidentified Analyst

      Okay, 35. And what exactly are they focusing more on vocational training, or on just educational training in terms of?

      Christian Arnell

      You mean these distinct training centers?

      Xiqun Yu

      [Foreign Language].

      Christian Arnell

      Hello, more focus on students.

      Vocational or educational training are the choices. He comeback with "students".

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      • Harry and Dealer,
        The problem here is the CC and earnings release was announced at the last minute and many players may not have been aware of it including Lawrence. Most companies announce their earnings date, time and conference call at least a few days or even several weeks in advance. I think CEAI and Mr. Yu did this by design so they didn't have to answer any tough questions by anyone. The first question anyone should have is why are you only worth a measly $3 million when you apparently have 68 mil and why won't you sell the company for all of our benefit including Mr. Yu right at or above it's current cash value. Something is more than fishy here. I know Dealer does not want to here this but I'm pretty sure fraud is taking place at CEAI in one way or another. So we wait and pray that this pain will go away!

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      • man we are in deep deep trouble its not just that when they bought these schools after just six months one of the schools for 7.5 million one of the schools began to loose !!!!,those same schools that have domain names worth millions and they are loosing ,the cash is vaporating in thin air and in millions ,this is called deep trouble and all that i can remember is that i bought this company from freaking NYSE.

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