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  • ski_it_all ski_it_all Jul 23, 2002 12:08 AM Flag

    Question on KKD Please!!

    I'm new to KKD,to me it looks like a great short. I'm sure the longs will disagree and the shorts will agree with me. Here is my question I just don't see how a Company that has only .60 EPS annually can be trading at $33.00. Rhe PE is outragous. It seems way high. I guess it is based on some huge potential growth rate, but it just does not seem right. We are toking about donust here. Bagels,smoothies,Boston chicken they all flaten out. The stock has held as of late but that is what atracted me to it as a short. Any comments Please.

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    • I'm playing this market for a big rally - long overdue. I said last Fri. down 400 that if we are down 200 and then down 100 Mon and Tues and we were, it would tell me we were all sold out short term and get aboard and this morning I did on the 200 point gap down Dow - that was a no-brainer to me, what a low risk place to cover shorts and go long big strong good name stocks for a rally. MY KO and PG are breaking out right here and C is also acting like it is going much higher short term. My FAST is like KKD a real mover and HI and LXK and LH also are thin and move up nicely. Did a little BZH and MU and LMT and NOC also.

    • Just wait and see.

    • We're up 200 and you don't think it's for real??? What do you want??? The techs have gotten out in front and many of them have nice bases built and are ready to move up short term. KKD is looking as good as anything and PG,NOC,LMT,BZH,KO all ready to move up short term.

    • "I've been looking for a market turn up for 3 days now and this is it!!!"

      This looks like about the weakest dead cat bounce I've ever seen following the rout which has taken place over the past week.

      I'd be very careful about holding anything long in this market. The great unknown here is the mental state of the smaller mutual fund owner. If these lemmings all rush to the sea en masse we will see fund redemptions drive this market south to levels none of the pundits have dreamed possible.This is not going to be a rational process, just like the internet bubble was not as it unfolded.

      As we all know from anecdotal evidence, these fund investors have dealt with the market collapse by not opening any mail received from their mutual funds. This strategy has helped to keep a lid on the sell off. When they finally muster the courage to reach for the letter opener there will be a sudden up surge in cardiac arrests throughout the US followed by panic selling.

      Suggested reading to help better understand crowd behavior: Mass Hysteria and the Madness of Crowds.

    • I guess I just objected to your saying Mikem789789 knows what he's doing when all he does is regurgitate what has already happened. Not too hard to do.

      As for me, maybe I don't know what I'm doing, but I've been successfully shorting KKD for several months now. I've never taken a long position, though I recognize that others have made money on that side as well. I do expect KKD will be more appropriately valued somewhere south of 25 by the end of the year.

      Short on pops, cover on dips. It's worked so far.

    • I'm not sure exactly why you think Mike has to notify you, or anyone else on this board prior to making a buy or sell.

      You constantly berate him for posting "after the fact", yet you want all the posters here to believe what you are doing and the motives you're doing it for.

      Pot calling the kettle black, don't you think?

    • If you think Mikem789789 knows what he is doing, just read some of his posts over the past few weeks. He's been dead wrong on almost every call. He can very accurately describe what has happened in the last day or the last hour, but his prognosticative abilities are no better than anyone else's here.

    • Why do you keep pretending you are anything but a desperately underwater long who bought in the 40's and is frantically hoping to break even some day? Your efforts to pump KKD are completely transparent.

      You continue to believe that KKD is the stock of the century when in fact it will be well below 25 by year end. You'll see.

    • You're just pissed that you don't know what you're doing and he does.

    • Yes and I sold my TYC short position and covered my IBM short position and KKD's and went long - also bought IBM calls. I've been looking for a market turn up for 3 days now and this is it!!!

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