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  • urluckycharm10 urluckycharm10 Jul 25, 2002 11:29 AM Flag

    It's happening...!!!!

    1. housing beginning to decline
    2. durable goods orders declining
    3. hotel room revenue beginning to decline
    4. casino revenue beginning to decline
    5. auto purchases beginning to decline

    ...conclusion...the consumer will retrench, and SAME STORE SALES of donuts will DECLINE, and we all know what that means.....

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    • >>>
      >> government is not just "spending your
      >> money", you get something in return.

      Yes, but it's either:
      a) not something you wanted to buy or

      Like police and fire protection, trash pickup and other health-related services, safe roads, schools ... even, dare I say it, a "safety net" for those who through no fault of their own (illness or simple old age, for example) find themselves in need of one?

      b) a poor return on investment

      I wouldn't make a blanket statement that "if it's done by government, it's better" just like I dismiss the notion that privatization is some panacea. It all boils down to the human beings who are running the show, whether public or private.

      I will say I don't know that the outcome would be very good if we had "The Worldcom Interstate Highway System" or "Police and Fire Services brought to you by The Rigas Family."

      Face it, the problem is that some people in government and/or private industry are concerned only with lining their own pockets. If some greater good happens to come from the actions they take, well, nice fringe benefit but only as long as it doesn't keep these people from getting as rich as they can.

      I think capitalism is the best system going -- as I say, I've seen true socialism/communism firsthand in the early '80s, so it's not just some abstract concept to me -- but it can, when unchecked by a healthy dose of old fashioned ethics/morality, engender a culture of greed that winds up doing more harm than good overall. The big question in my mind is how exactly to fix that, because I don't think the answer is simply "more government regulation" -- appropriate but *better* regulation, WITH TEETH, would be part of the solution.

      I think the longer-term solution comes from raising the next generation with the appropriate values, but obviously we're talking real big-picture here.

    • >> government is not just "spending your
      >> money", you get something in return.

      Yes, but it's either:
      a) not something you wanted to buy or
      b) a poor return on investment

      This is my last post on the subject as obviously there is disagreement and I don't want to make too many posts off subject.

    • >>They don't MAKE money, only spend ours. <<

      Where do private sector companies get their money from? Tax is a factor in chosing the city / state / country you live in the same way that price is a factor in the products you buy. If government activities were profitable they would end up in the private sector. It's a myth to think you can just delete government activities to save money. Yes there are inefficiencies but are these proportionately out of whack to large traditional monopoly companies in the private sector? In fact what you want is to drive efficiencies in government by pretending like we can just delete them, because it serves political ends. But in fact the private sector doesn't want government activities and no government is not just "spending your money", you get something in return.

    • Pardon moi. There is obviously at least one sane person left in the city. Stand by for a blast from your neighbors here.

    • Hey. NYers are not fools! Some of us see through Hillary like the ruthless, ambitious, amoral, elitist she is, wanting to tell us how to run our lives while she makes money in the futures market by "carefully reading the WSJ."

      The woman should be in jail, maybe share a cell with her soul mate, Martha.

    • I agree that stock options paid as compensation should be expensed. The rest of your arguments are the kind of CRAP Hillary and company have been feeding you New Yorkers, which of course, you gobble up and swallow.

    • You need to include Mike in that count, too. Among retail investors, I suspect we're in the majority and not the minority at all.

    • <<It just boggles the mind. They don't MAKE money, only spend ours. Surely the private sector is better at managing money than the government. >>

      Out of touch with reality, like so much that's said by lese faire advocates. Trouble is, those with the power to control money won't play fair unless they have to. Someone has to set the rules and provide oversight. Former chair of SEC Levitt worked for years to get reforms; instead, the rules got laxer. When he tried to get a separation of auditing from consulting in the accounting industry, the major accounting firms, led by--guess who?--- Anderson Accounting, walked out of a meeting and said 'this is war.' Congressional allies were brought in who pressure Levitt to back down. Pressure came from from the rabid Repub. leadership in the House and also several Senators from both parties, who were doing the bidding of the accounting firms. Look at the results?

      Another point. It was private sector accountants---not some governmental body--who formally agreed nearly a decade ago that options should be expensed for honest accounting, just when options were starting to be issued in such large numbers that it no longer could be ignored. The Financial Accounting Standards Board and Arthur Levitt, then chairman of the S.E.C, were ready to adopt this standard when, guess what happenned? Politicians intervened again to stop it, of course heavily lobbied and financed. In the end, we all pay.

    • I just can't understand how people could feel that the government can better run our life than we can. It just boggles the mind. They don't MAKE money, only spend ours. Surely the private sector is better at managing money than the government. But, like you said, you, me, and Tim are in the minority. Not only sad, but down right scary.

    • Bravo, however we are in a HUGE MINORITY and as strange as it may sound, - it is a pure socialism!

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