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  • mikem789789 mikem789789 Aug 20, 2002 10:15 PM Flag

    6 Trading days before EPS

    come out and we all know that KKD will report exactly .15 versus .10 up 50% once again just like last quarter. That's one cent above estimates which is just what KKD always reports. Last qtr up 50% ( .15 vs. .10) the one before that was .14 vs. 07 up 100% and before that .11 vs. 07 up 57% and then .10 vs. 06 - 66% before that. Up 66,57,100,50 and 50 over the last 5 quarters. That's an average of 64.6 PerCent over those 5 quarters. Not bad for a stock selling at 30 and going to earn around .68 to .70 this year and 1.00 next. 30 times next years earnings and 44 times this years is very cheap if you ask me.

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    • "Those dates", dumbass, are immediately before, at, and immediatelty after the earnings announcement date. LOOK AT THE MFing QUOTES FOR THOSE DAYS FOR PREVIOUS QUARTERS!

      Are you "trying" to say that there is no way these days will not be the ramp-up peak for this quarter?

      Are you so bitter, and so desperate to "try" to convince everyone that only YOU have the correct method of investing in KKD??

    • Enlisted man, that is why you couldn't achieve anything more than being an enlisted man: you think the only right way to do things is the enlisted man's way.

    • You still didn't explain why you picked dates, KKD swabb jockey. I think that's dumb. And I did quite well trading the puts in June/July thank you, though I did lose my August bet. Still up very significantly for the year, as I was last year. This channel trading does work both ways. But not if you do it by picking DATES, dummy!

    • Bottom line: Unless you are suggesting a KKD dive on or before those three dates, I will have a greater percent return on KKD since late June (my buy-in at 31.40) using my method than channel surfers or shorts during this period. He who laughs...

    • >I plan to sell all remaining shares I have either on 8/28, 8/29, or possibly 9/3.<

      What kind of system is that? Something to do with earnings reporting date? Picking a date seems pretty ignorant to me. Targeting a price, up or down, makes more sense to me unless your shares are locked into a 401K or something where you can only trade at closing price.

      That's it! You're a KKD swabb jockey, thus the gooo_navy logo! LOL- Now we know!

    • I agree with you.

      At the other hand, some institutions joined in and began to pop this stock, you can see some big names such as FMR, Putnam investment, and Morgan stanley. I suspect that the growth story will be at the peak around this winter, and then it will be a free fall sometime next year.

      Just let you know that their SSS is different than others, They added a store in SSS after it had open for just 9 month. I think that is why they has a double digit SSS number. My calculation is that their SSS should be around flat or single digit. (using total sale devided by the number of stores). However, their Franchise Operations is pretty good.


    • ..but some did so voluntarily anyway... I think they have to file next year though, no?

    • They weren't on the list of the largest corporations required to certify by Aug 14th because their market capitalization ranking is way down on the pecking order, but I believe they whill have to certify at the next end of FY reporting cycle. At least that's my understanding of the new law.

    • >(shorted more at 37.87)<

      Probably a good bet. Good luck. I'm waiting for a stall and a reversal up against the MA before buying the puts again. I'm playing the donut in my small $$$ play account so I trade the KKD options. Usually puts, but sometimes the calls on a sharp bounce and galloping momentum. Serious money currently overweighted in TYC (in at $9.40 average cost).

    • They weren't on the list of companies that had to certify.

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