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  • mikem789789 mikem789789 Mar 7, 2003 9:28 AM Flag

    Re: Even Yeast Can Only Rise So Far

    This is not my post - how can Yahoo allow any degenerate to copy my screen name completely?? Is anyone awake in San Francisco or are they all out to the bath houses all day??? Hello Yahoo - this is an illegal impersonation.

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    • Shut up you country bumpkin!

    • Never been in those towns but I'll bet they are like the area I'm from in North Dakota!! Only with the Rockies in the background instead of flat farmland.

    • Canannina - that's just the way eliteist's act and think - always with the superior crap that oozes out when they talk down to the masses. Much Fear obviously thinks of herself as far superior to the rest of us and should be on ignore. Elite's from Berkeley will never get it!!!

    • < don't ever step foot in a bar in
      Wyoming >

      Especially in Kemmerer, Evanston, and Green River

    • Was your soldier daddy not able to afford to send you to school to learn how to spell, punctuate, and construct a coherent sentence?
      You are a complete ignoramus, dude.

    • Ya your right - you left wing whinners have all the answers and here in the Heartland we know nothing!!! My Father fought in WW I in Europe as a United States Marine and was shot in the leg freeing Europe from the German's so talk to someone else about the evils of white guys from Europe. Your Berkley style Liberalism is completely out of touch here in the Heartland. If your so thin skinned stay out in the Bay area with your degenerate friends and for the Lord's sake don't ever step foot in a bar in Wyoming.

    • Get over it! MUST you try to have the last word, always?!?!?

    • "I find it amazing that you would now try to dictate who should or should not post on this board."

      See how you like twist and turn my posts around to make you look like Mr. Niceguy Victim? You are INDEED a hypocrite!

      I simply ASKED you, using the word "PLEASE," to practice your self-righteousness and hypocrisy on another board. I am not trying to dictate, as you are, I am critisizing. Big difference. I don't have 1,000-word sermons trying to show how much I can relate about world issues, mores, and values, as you do. I simply critisize your self-righteousness and hypocrisy, which are disgusting.

      "If you don't like my OT posts, you have the right to refrain from reading them."

      DITTO!!! But you can't, no matter how hard you try, because in every case, regardless of the poster, YOU must have the last word to defend your "honor" that you are SO afraid of being tarnished on this board!!

      "Regarding the TA I sometimes provide, apparently you value it more than you'd like to admit, as you seem to be heartbroken at its absence."

      Now it appears that your feelings have been hurt because you are becoming insecure about your "reputation" here, and are fishing for accolades from ANYONE, even me. You are SO afraid that I might not like your TA!

      I use and value informative TA, as I have stated REPEATEDLY in my posts regarding di_vur_se_fi's KKD bashing. However, as been pointed out by others about YOUR TA, it is S - O - M - E - T - I - M - E - S wishy-washy waffling consisting of a lot of hot air, making it appear that you simply want to hear yourself talk and try to make people think that you have mastered KKD. Happy now?

      "Sorry to disappoint you,"

      ????? Please explain such an asinine statement.

      "In the mean time, I will write whatever I care to write, regardless of your hypocritical attempts at censorship."

      Yet another example of your hypocrisy. Using the type of childish behavior that you chastise almost daily, in a lame effort to defend your actions and "reputation."

    • >>You are a complete disgrace to all Americans who believe in what this country stands for<<

      Not only that but he's just plain wrong. "They" is a false concept. As long as I can fuck "their" sister, no matter who "they" are, and know that we could make a baby, there's no such thing as "they". "They're" us, and "their" sister could be really fucking hot. That's all I have to say. It's not true in mind, or in body, or in desire. "They" is purely false on all counts to any who are not puny and weak.

    • W, Greenie, Abby, and Mikey rule.

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