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  • diogenes1234 diogenes1234 Aug 17, 2003 12:49 PM Flag

    Misery Loves Company

    Yet still at it....

    Well now, how is it that some 6 million shares were bought the last three days on the price spike?? Some momentum players, for sure. Some technical traders, certainly. Some idiots, unmindful of valuation, an undying breed. But Short Squeezers putting the hammer to us poor miserable losers?? Not all that likely. Pretty risky, this late in the game. More probably a fair amount of short covering by The Faint of Heart. (Yes, and by those wise enough to cut their losses .... smart bastards)

    So that accounts for the buying. But who was doing the selling?? Some short sellers, sure ... still at it, balls of steel. Longs taking their profits ... at some point, enough has to be enough, at least for a growing few among the self-satisfied winners... "hogs get slaughtered."

    And what about the remaining Short Squeezers??? This game is pure musical chairs. They know the music will stop and increasingly wonder 'when?. Just don't be the last to jump the merry-go-round. At some point ... Hell, that Barron's article wasn't the hype expected.

    .... Grasping at straws in your misery??? .... what else to grab? Is there anything else up there?

    The pain.

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    • ...having just come back from Gilder Gagnon Howe's Home Page:

      Who are these bozo's anyway? Sounds like a W. C. Field's law firm -- Kaughtem, Skindem, Cookdem and How. Bought 3.5 million KKD shares in the last month reported on top of the 1.7 million they already owned. .."Our clients require conviction that we are working hard on their behalf" ...I'll bet they do. ... "we accept accounts only by referral from existing clients" ... goddam snobs. .."Our goal is to make the little guy rich"" ... keep it up, your making this little guy poor.

      But then you think you got problems with your measly 1200 shares short. How about these mothers? Own something over 8% of KKD for christsake. Just suppose they read the writing on the wall. .. after all, the short total hasn't increased that much over the past year ... just suppose they'd like to lighten up on KKD, take their profits, like down to zero. Unwieldy bunch of donuts. Unseemly for this white-shoed gang to be caught with their nose in a mess of deep-fried glaze. One hell of a problem. Best thing would be to tout KKD to the heavens, scream short squeeze, -- far beyond the range of this misbegotten board -- and get the hell out. Would take days at the least, weeks. Ouch for their little guys, hurray for this little guy.

      ....Wishful dreaming, the last resort of a soon to be tapped-out short.

      The pain.

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      • .... no end to the inner wailings of a short:

        Grinding on and on. What the hell am I doing here? Up to my eyeballs in donuts.

        Short BPT which keeps bumping 50 -- 77 P/E, 5.9 price to sales. Heading North.

        Long MRK, 17 P/E, 2.4 price to sales, even paying a dividend. Heading South.

        Bright, very bright positions. Numbskull. World gone crazy? When was it last sane, at least as far as the market is concerned? Nutiness, but there you have it. Two losing positions. Got it backwards. Should have bought the Donut, shorted the Drug. Road to riches. Who would have known? Craziness. But reality.

        God, the pain.

    • You are a truth teller.

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