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  • x_5_9 x_5_9 Aug 26, 2003 10:48 AM Flag

    Misery Loves Company

    di_vur_se_fi's "stuff" is good, when it's limited to facts and SUBSTANTIATED information that allows the reader to make his/her OWN CONCLUSION.

    However, when the fairy tales start flowing, based on NOTHING EVER PROVEN, SUBSTANTIATED, DOCUMENTED, or otherwise real, grab your shovel.

    If even 1/10 of the innuendo di_vur_se_fi has broadcast here over the last 2+ years ever came true, KKD would be non-existant today.

    All that has ever been asked is that it be shown that the fairy tales he has previously proliferated this board with be borne out with reality in the way of ANY documentation.

    It has simply provided chatter for the KKD chat board, building shorts' hopes that KKD will take a dive due to a KKD practice that has been exposed, and that only di_vur_se_fi knew about.


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