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  • born_in_com born_in_com Aug 21, 2003 3:00 PM Flag

    KKD and KKK

    Krispy Creme has historically been sympathetic to the KKK cause. Livengood needs to address this - or is he a bigot himself?

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    • A little male butt-hungry there aren't ya? Good luck!

    • Moron aren't ya? Good luck!

    • I was short Enron most of the way down so I know a good short when I see one. KKD is a great buy now that's it's down 4 points from a recent high. Nothing but blue sky ahead.

    • << ... a fraud... he poses as an ignorant ass...

      So, how does it make him different than "real" mikem78... ? >>

      Excellent point. These idiotic posts are most likely coming from the "original" mikem789789 anyway (note that the constant alleged "imposter alerts" are themselves coming from an imposter, RNartinshortin, who is most likely x_5_9/canannina/aeye/no_fear_Qo4it/etc referring back to himself again). But even in the extremely unlikely event that someone "hacked into" mikem's account, if his posts are just as idiotic or bigoted as the original, then there should be no difference in the way we respond to them.

      One more imposter note: Since x_5_9 asserts that the current mikem poster is not the "real" mikem, this leaves only two possibilities:

      1) He was duped by the imposter RNartinshortin (doubtful, since as an acknowledged imposter himself, one would expect x_5_9 to be especially attuned to such ruses), or

      2) x_5_9 IS RNartinshortin, and is once again playing stupid imposter games as he has done repeatedly on this board (see previous posts exposing him as aeye, an alias which he used to "converse" with at least one of his other aliases, canannina).

      In either case, he has once again been shown to be an idiot with zero credibility.

    • As we all know, the real mikey actually believed in what he said, as absurd as it sounded. His grammar and articulation were terrible, also. The dickwad playing games is actually a short trying to trump up the hatred for the real mikey amongst the shorts, while providing himself entertainment from suckers who respond to him. How's does it go? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me??

    • > ... a fraud. ... he poses as an ignorant ass,

      So, how does it make him different than "real" mikem78... ?


    • Actually I think he probably just took over the paid position from someone else - different person paid by KKD, same name! lol

    • Please get this straight once and for all. The guy you are responding to is a fraud.
      You've been had. For the last month or so, he has hacked into the real mikey's ID, who's a
      KKD pumper who no longer is posting here. This guy is simply trying to piss off
      mostly shorts or whoever he can by posting anything he can get their attention with.
      He's laughing every day at the idiots who try to argue with him, knowing that as long as
      he poses as an ignorant ass, everybody will get pissed off and respond with posts like
      yours. Put him on ignore.

    • >>Why don't you go back to your degenerate messager boards - here we don't like Anti-Americans - Your either with us or against us - the time to choose has long since past.<<

      The most American thing you could possibly do with companies that manipulate earnings is to bring them down before they do damage to the system. They are dangerous to the overall stability of the nation. Enron did more damage than S11 did.

      Take your blinders off dumbass.


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