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  • Puttemout Puttemout Sep 18, 2003 11:52 AM Flag

    Better TA each day !

    Oversold indicators are being neutralized as the relative strenghth weakens . I'm not a short termer but this is getting close to a collapse . What a horrendous piece of trash. The good old boys got away with this for years but the chickens are coming home to roost. There will be a rash of Lawsuits IMO.

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    • It may be time to plant. Now with poor opening and big payouts it looks more like pig than money.But in time sweets come back as they slways do.Jusk hope it is KKD that makes come back.

    • citation502, you wrote:

      << KKD is one of 17 current holdings, albeit the third largest position among them (9% of my portfolio). >>

      Then you wrote:

      << I know no one who works for KKD; I've never been in one of their outlets; I have no connection other than as an investor >>

      My, aren't we the trusting sort? I guess all they need to do is feed you the party line numbers, and you will swallow hook, line and sinker, no questions asked. You sound like a textbook victim.

    • Better question...

      Why do you, self-proclaimed KKD expert, and others try to perpetuate what you wished was a valid issue when you know nothing will come of it?

      What is your goal here other than trying to sound like you know what you're talking about (Ha!)?

      Where has all of your previous smug, pompous, self-righteous crap gotten you?

      Your so-called expert analysis here is embarrasingly pathetic.

      I don't have any "expert" analysis, don't claim to and, unlike you, don't have the overblown ego that goes along with your advising readers what KKD will do or not do.

      The "probabilities" say you are full of shit (used a Student's T-test with 0.05 level of significance).

    • Admit di_vur_se_fi, you can convenietly come up with whatever fairy tale you want to using whatever assumptions and innundo you feel like at the time of your post.


      What good are they if you already have an agenda?

      Your one-sided KKD vendetta (2-3 years old!!) has been unsuccessful because the fairy tales never came true.

    • NO fear- AS I recall the article in the WSJ contained a rebuttal by KKD. With the stock price holding up as it has this week I would be surprised that kkd would risk calling attention to it by responding to it.Calling attention to it would only be adding fuel to the fire. On another note Bethany McLean's book on Enron is due out Oct 13. I would believe that she is too busy promoting her book to take on another challenge in kkd.

    • Actually, I'm a bit surprised that the normally on-the-ball KKD PR team has not issued some sort of rebuttal to the WSJ article, or at least attempted some sort of spin control.

      Perhaps they are waiting for a time when they feel the leverage would be greatest, i.e. after options expiration. Or more likely, perhaps they don't want to make things worse by trying to put lipstick on this pig. It's fine when the masses still think it's a princess, but once the swine has hit the fan, it may be too late to turn it around, and they may figure it's time for damage control. (In other words, if plaintiff's exhibits A, B and C are already out there, don't make it worse by providing exhibits D and E.)

      Still, I'm surprised that we haven't heard anything at all from them (unless they are figuring that their 10-Q, released the day after the WSJ article hit the streets, somehow addresses the concerns - which it doesn't). Maybe we will see a carefully-constructed PR or two on Friday or over the weekend? We shall see.

    • Agree divursefi please keep up the analysis and good DD but don't waste time on bottom feeders. IdiotX59 and citation are small garbage and not worthy of intelligent dialog. I stopped responding and put them on Ignore a month ago and find my work and analysis much more productive. While opinions are free any Long in here now is suspect. This is a natural disaster with all the trimmings. Like Diogenes I spend a lot of time looking over my shoulder trying to anticpate what they can announce next. As they are running out of Cash its got to be new financing and resignations. Who wants to stay around for the civil and possible criminal proceedings . They are caught in a bind and I can't see a way out, but some of the insiders don't want legal trouble so I also think bags are being packed. My guess is that Randy will be a runner. Noone likes the prospect of SEC or judicial trouble.Its an iceberg Tick,tick tick.....

    • Divursefi, don't get snookered into a pissing contest with these two (maybe it's one), Citation and X59. We're all 99% sure that their mission is simply to stalk you at the behest of KKD and that they are probably somehow on the payroll. Your posts are so effective and on the mark that they (KKD) want to smother them. That's how we see it. Please ignore them.

    • you said:

      "I'm not running a clinic."


      Oh, but you are. A clinic in hostility, hypocrisy and stupidity.

    • you wrote:

      the baseless opinions here are all from the bashers.


      What is the basis of YOUR opinion?


      you wrote:

      KKD is a buy on any rational investment model, given the context.


      Which rational investment model? What context? Or is this just another baseless statement on your part?

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