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  • genericwhiteguy47 genericwhiteguy47 Sep 21, 2003 10:51 PM Flag

    a secondary offering

    I would think these guys must be thinking of a secondary offering to pay down the debt. Others have opined that they really can't because it would open the books to a degree of scrutiny that would blow the lid off. Divursefi, what is your considered opinion on this?

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    • If anyone were to spew his "knowledge" (???) of the history of Britain on a doughnut chat board, it would be you.

      In fact you are the ONLY one.

      Now you will sit and wait for someone to argue with you about anything British so that you expound and feed that hungry ego.

      So pathetic.

    • it's making a comeback. one man's garbage is another's buying opportunity.

    • Comparing the Brits to Krispy Kreme? Sacre bleu. (gopher: are you of French background?)

    • Actually, the rise and decline of the British Empire may be a good blueprint for KKD. Started small and localized, began to expand rapidly, earned the respect of competing nations, established colonies all over the world, and became one of the most powerful nations of its time. But eventually became overextended, colonies became less profitable, experienced mass defections of its citizens, ran out of resources to fund expansion, and settled into a downward spiral which caused it to abandon or release the vast majority of the colonies it had established, while its empire contracted back toward its origins. Today a mere shell of its former grandeur.

      Shades of things to come for KKD?

    • they would be wise to simply remove these kiosks at the ballparks in California. It's just a hugely visible embarassment to them. Harrods will be hugely invisible embarassment too unless they somehow pay the airfares of a planeload of the trailerpark crowd (where do they get them?) that show up around the US and wait in lines at openings. the donut cult.

    • I am sort of partial to the Pelham. Harrods is rumored to be on verge of Bankruptcy.. Donuts are not gonna cut it in the greatest city in the world.

    • Brits don't want sweet things for breakfast.

      They eat their sweets with tea.

      HOGS @ tea time... the end of the civilized world.

    • Anyone want to wager where the stock price will be at the time of the Harrod's opening in October? Wonder if Scott's invited the Board to attend the opening. London is delightful that ime of the year. My favorite hotels are the Savoy and the Dorchester, but they don't serve donuts.

    • I went yesterday to fan appreciation day at Dodger stadium--Los Angeles. Full house and the Krispy Kreme Concession was empty--no employee, no donuts. The fad is fading. I have noticed less and less interest at other places as well. At the Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas--big crowds with lines at the stores--except nobody buying Krispy fat bombs. Short the stock this morning.

    • Yes, your right and you must be the only person who sees all these terrible things happening at Krispy Kreme because just a couple of weeks ago it has at 49 which is new all time high ground and 196 unadjusted for two splits compared to 30 two years ago. This whole move from 30 to 196 was powered by uniformed, ignorant longs I suppose? By the way, you have been on this board telling everyone to go short all that time. Do you have any money left whatsoever. How does it feel to be short a stock from 30 to 196???

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