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  • i_hate_the_stock_market i_hate_the_stock_market Sep 25, 2003 11:56 PM Flag


    Just want to congratulate you for your impeccable research... hope you eventually profit from KKD as much as you deserve. This time it does feel that the big dive is just around the corner... hope this time we won't be disappointed.

    I asked you a while ago if you were following other stocks/posting on other boards with the same intensity you cover KKD... you said no. I've been around this board (one way or another) since the IPO days... I noticed you started posting on this board since 2001 or maybe 2002, what made you become interested in KKD?

    Too bad you cannot win a Pulitzer for the research and insights that you provide. But wait, when this thing is over, wouldn't it be great if a reporter would research your posts and would write a nice piece about you somewhere with national coverage?

    What ever happened to your idea of starting a stock analysis web site or somehow selling your research?

    Best luck to you.

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    • Maybe.

    • "Yes, and speaking of wolves, there's another fable featuring a wolf."

      Fable indeed.

      Maybe a fairy tale?

    • Yes, and speaking of wolves, there's another fable featuring a wolf.
      Hint: That Dallas transaction has big eyes and very, very big teeth.

    • Wasn't there also a fable about the boy who called "Wolf"?

    • "Nothing should be taken for granted, nor should the analyst ever lose a skeptical view of the world."

      Graham & Dodd's Security Analysis

    • In response...and this should somewhat telling of your rationale...tell me if you think Cheney had direct involvement with Halliburton's problems, and why.

      Why does McAleer's association with BB&T AUTOMATICALLY condemn him or BB&T?

      Is this an accusation or speculation?

      Have you reported it to the SEC yet?

      Remember your post regarding the two?

      Lastly, why do you or anybody else expect me to stand up and refute the accusations/speculations here?

      Why the questions about KKD's operations?!?!?

      I don't have any legitimate proof or insider knowledge to do you?

      Go ask di_vur_se_fi...he will provide all of the comfort, support, and fairy tales you want so that you finally can get some sleep tonight.

    • What is your factual criticism about what has been said of the KKF/BB&T relationship. Is McAleer on the Board of BB&T?

    • Please show how accurately kkd has followed fundamentals since its ipo.

      How successful have analysts done with KKD?

      Also be aware that I sold my kkd long position, as i have been doing every quarter recently, on 8/22.

      Granted, I invest in KKD by gut and history, for lack of better words. BUT I HAVE PROFITTED FROM KKD THE ENTIRE TIME FROM EACH BUY AND SELL SINCE ITS IPO.

      That cannot be denied.

      And isn't that the objective in investing in KKD or any make money?

      Or is the objective to overanalyze a stock and broadcast it on a Yahoo chat board?

      I have found that for some investments, doing the opposite of what the "experts" so confidently advise is the best course of action.

      My "vendetta against di_vur_se_fi" is not a vendetta.

      His 2-3 year anti-KKD crusade is a vendetta.

      That vendetta has almost appeared personal between di_vur_se_fi and KKD, based on the tone and venom of his pasts accusations/insuations (aka, fairy tales).

      His posts have ALWAYS only pointed to or suggested negative facts about and KKD, and have NEVER been objective or unbiased.

      His fairy tales have been unbelievable fantasy in many cases that he has been trying to brainwash readers on this board with.

      Have you stopped to really read some of them?

      For example, the BB&T/KKD collusion and crooked bookeeping that he is STILL trying to convince readers of?

      Your "interest in this stock" may be "to provide the uneducated investors with some knowledge."

      Can you you say that YOU post have ever been objective and/or unbiased in your "education" of the uneducated?

      You've had a hard line against KKD for some time now.

      You again are asking questions about KKD 's actions.

      You expect me to support KKD and argue with the speculation and conjecture that seethes on this board.

      I have no interest or need to do so.....understand that?

      Why must a KKD position be so black or white here, as you and others are trying to make it?

      What exactly is your point???

      The "education" thing is lame.

    • X59- I am not a short. I have no financial interest in KKD. I do not buy or sell this stock. My only interest in this stock is to provide the uneducated investors with some knowledge I have gained in the 40 years I have invested in the market. You have a vendeta against Di_Vur_Si for some unknown reason. You have failed to answer the questions I asked. I suggest you take a course in Marketing 101. In particular take note of the new product cycle. You will learn that after a period of time, depending on the product, the profit declines to a relatively stable value in what is described as a market maturity cycle. At that point the stocks usually sell at 10 to 15 times earnings. KKD is already approaching this point. At the current level of a PE of 60 indicates that kkd is selling at 4 times the value it should command when it reaches market maturity. In other words KKD needs to increase earnings 400% to match the current price. IMO these figures will never be met before market maturity is reached. KKD is being managed for the benefit of the insiders not the shareholders. If the same store sales were as great as KKD reports why are the franchisees so anxious to want out. X59 please provide us with facts rather than railings.

    • well put questions to x 5 9;
      May guess is he willa nswer with his boiler plate comments, if he will answer at all.

      Sofar nobody has gotten a sensible comment from him other than:
      "how will you sustantiate this?"
      "another vendetta"

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