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  • marcus_ruhl marcus_ruhl Nov 11, 2003 1:18 PM Flag

    Shares Outstanding

    Exactly. And any shorts on this board who think that they can make better decisions than a team of highly skilled professionals with billions of dollars and magnificent connections are just plain dumb. It's really that simple.

    You are shorting a company that trades at only 37 times next years earnings. What bubble are you idiots talking about? Thirty seven times 2004 earnings is overvalued when the company is growing around 30%? You people really should have finished high school. I mean, you can't get too much more stupid than that. Do you morons know how to do third grade math? Apparently not.

    Finally, if you blithering morons are banking your entire future on the Atkins diet craze bringing down a multi-billion dollar company, well, then you've proved your intelligence is miniscule. I've never seen a board more full of idiots than this one.

    Keep posting your crap and keep watching the stock and the company go higher. I laugh at all of you! LOL!

20.11Mar 27 4:05 PMEDT