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  • no_fear_go4it no_fear_go4it Dec 10, 2003 1:37 PM Flag

    Big blocks on the ask again (TA)

    When the volume temporarily dried up around 11:20 EST as the markets bounced, the specialist made a valiant attempt to pump KKD back up on very sparse trades. Now it seems that the sellers are back, and the markets are not helping this time.

    Lots of sellers and few buyers. Broken support, violated 200-day ema, oversold but still bearish technicals, accelerating downside volume - looks likely that we will see lower prices before a bounce. Who would want to try to catch this falling knife?

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    • I wish I could claim authorship of this incredibly astute and tremendously clever post. I think in my very long career of doing nothing day and night for weeks on end but reading posts on this KKD message board (many of them hundreds of times!) I have only encountered three or four better messages than the one to which I am now responding. Your wit is incisive, your insights keen, your prose breathtaking your irony stunning. Bravo.

    • How can you possibly have read this quote and not laughed?

      "I mock you and all your stupid, idiotic posts. My COD, you are so mocked! I mock you in the morning. I mock you in the evening. I mock your whole world. I am the Mighty Master of Mockery. Mock you!"

    • Actually, I was the first person to recommend this psycho's post. I thought it was hilarious!

    • Asshole does it all the time!! What a compete jerk!@!!

    • Quit recommending you own posts with your other

    • Hacker, maybe you can fool all the other idiot posters on this board, but not this one. I, the real x_5_9, happen to know for a fact that you are not the real mikem, just like you are not the real me. You couldnt even remember the simple lies you told two years ago on this very board. I know, because I researched all of your posts, entered them into my extensive database, performed an exhaustive search for all cross-references in all known hacker posts, and matched my findings to the historical record at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C..

      It just so happens that while your father was actually in the Marines in WWI and fought at Beleau Woods and Chateau Thiery, I know FOR A FACT that he was at least 10 miles from Argonne during the major battle. Nice try, imposter!

      I mock you and all your stupid, idiotic posts. My COD, you are so mocked! I mock you in the morning. I mock you in the evening. I mock your whole world. I am the Mighty Master of Mockery. Mock you!

      I can keep this up all day, you know. I just address idiocy with idiocy. Its the only logical response. And when the board is full of idiots addressing idiots in idiotic ways, then and only then will my job be done. My uncle Scottie will be so proud of me then.

      Dont forget to look in the mirror. Take a good look at yourself, then look at me, and you will see who is the bigger idiot. And when you finally realize what I have been saying all along, I will mock you yet again. Face it, no matter what you do, you are mocked. My cod, you are so mocked!

    • Stop it!

      I am crying in laughter!

    • Get a life you maniac!@!!

    • S$$T not only floats but it clumps togethers in the bowl as well EOM

    • x_5_9, thank you for being the only poster smart enough to know that my old mikem alias was hijacked by a degenerate hacker. I really appreciate your support. Thank God for your deductive reasoning skills. That hacker has been making a mockery of my good name, and you have been the only one to see through his degenerate plot.

      As you remember, last December I decided to abandon the mikem789789 identity because of all the scum imposters abusing my reputation. I never posted under that name again.

      Instead of using my first and last names (Michael Murphy), I decided to use my middle name, follwed by my signature 789789 ending. Unfortunately that ID was hacked also, so I was forced to use my current 769769 ending. This time, I am using a password based on my fathers war record. I am positive that no one will ever be able to break that.

      Im sorry I have been unable to post for the last year, but I was in a deep cover operation to rescue my father from a secret POW camp near Chateau Thiery. (He was a Marine in WWI, you know.) I was captured and imprisoned along with several other American heros, and only recently escaped from their evil clutches. Its amazing that the damn Krauts were able to keep that prison camp a secret all these years.

      Anyway, please show some respect to my new ID and let me once again post with the dignity to which all board participants are accustomed. And x_5_9, for all the great work you do on this board on a daily basis, I salute you. You are a Real American.

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