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  • delaurenthis delaurenthis Dec 13, 2003 8:14 PM Flag

    Atlanta store 10 pm friday

    Happened to drive by that same store (Ponce de Leon) a few hours ago. Actually, I drove by around 5:45pm today Saturday. The results: I saw at least 4-5 cars in the drive thru. I was driving and passing by, so couldn't watch the situation in detail, but I think I saw inside only 2 people, and a couple of others entering the store.
    It was rainy and it's a bit cold, so much easier to just go the drive thru route than to actuallt get off the car and enter the store.
    Probably the activity picks up later at night. But, the point is, when I happen to drive by that store around lunch hour, it is typically deserted. This store might do a lot of business during the early morning and the night, but during the day is pretty dead. The store probably turns a profit, but all those hours with few clients must be a drag on profits.

    In comparisson, and for those that know Atlanta, I went to the Varsity a few minutes later and the place had lots and lots of clients, as is typically the case no matter what the hour (The Varsity is a famous, well known hamburguer and hot dog join, yards from I-75 and accross the Georgia Tech campus).

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    • donut_detective_undercover donut_detective_undercover Dec 13, 2003 8:42 PM Flag

      I think making a assumption about kkd business based on how many people in store midday can be decieving. most of kkd business is product sold off premises(seeing all those racks full of out going donuts should make a kkd short nervous). how many chilidogs and fried onion rings does varsity sell off premises?. BTW i really like going to varsity , (BUT,talk about a dietary nightmare!). Also kkd is most busy in mornings 6-10 and late night 9p+ they get huge crowds of people ther very late at night because of all the clubs downtown and theatre.

      I might add, that store in Atlanta is a very well established store and does very well, so it is not really fair to draw any conclusions about overall state of kkd from that store , BUT it is fair to say that is very possible most or at least a very high percentage of stores nationwide will have similar success.

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      • "BUT it is fair to say that is very possible most or at least a very high percentage of stores nationwide will have similar success."

        Hey Pal read the evidence from various posters here. The other stores do well for about a month or two and when the novelty is worn off decline to very little traffic. Isn't the store you are speaking of a redo that has been modernized and reopened about 3 weeks ago? Look for the traffic to start declining soon. Not to be a snob but I hope for your sake it is centered in a low economic area as they thrive best with the uneducated and rednecks. And as for being concerned that those being shipped out to supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. it isn't as they display poorly ,get stale quickly and are declining in interest there as well. Better come up with some new material to rationalize your ownership. This vessel is sinking and perhaps will hit one of the many integrity icebergs floating nearby. Do some real DD and get back to us with real reasons to Buy this PIG

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