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  • donut_detective_undercover donut_detective_undercover Dec 13, 2003 5:54 PM Flag

    Atlanta store 10 pm friday

    went to KKD ponce de leon store around 10 pm for a evening treat with a friend while downtown. first of all was surprised the parking lot in front and on side was full even handi cap spaces. there were some 2 empty parking space in the very back , the place was buzzing. 4 or 5 cars in drive thru as we went in AND left premises. made a head count of approx 36 people inside , line for cashier 6-8 deep even though it moves very fast, donut theatre cranking out massive amounts of donuts. the number of racks of donuts was very impressive, 7-8 employees very busy.tables were well occupied, very fun experience. got a dz of hot org glazed.

    lady came up to the countr asking for water stating in a very satisfied way that "donuts so sweet she needed some water"

    just thought i would say something positive about kkd since board is mostly negative and doom and gloom as far as kkd.

    yes i am long kkd and own a few 100 shrs@42 and change but not enough to worry about. once kkd gets established nationally and even world wide as it has in the south it will be awesome for longs who are willing to wait through this temporary set-back . this board is pretty useless as far as getting real information and facts. just alot of short sellar hype froth. frothy stock hypes can be in the form of shorting just like going long. look at the xmsr one year chart, supposedly the ultimate short. same rhetoric on this board.

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    • Although there is a silent "b", I doubt that you can find an acceptable spelling that includes an "h".

    • Ace_Ventura_Donut_Detective:
      "going by kkd at 1130am is like going by pizza hut at 9am, try going by there at 7-8 am or better yet go by on a sat night around 10-12 and go inside and look at the racks of donuts being made and ready for early morning shipment it is unbelievable,"...

      I doubth most Pizza Hut's are opened at 9am! Too bad it is not practical for KKD to close its store between 9:30 am and 5 pm!

      Sure, I don't doubth there is much more activity early in the morning or late at night, but you wish it was like that all the time! And again, the wholesale donut business is very competitive and not high margin for KKD.

      Anyhow, I doubth I or any other short on this board will change your perspective. Good luck on your KKD long position!

    • Suspect the stock could give us that rally that I've been hoping for but it should be muted - Max 3 pts to 40 area as there are still 41,000,000 shares held by the likes of Fido etc that want to find a new home and soon. If Saddam's capture gives the big sellers another opportunity and me the chance to increase my already very large Short position. I say oh Hosana. Blessings come in unexpected ways. The donut detective would not make such an effort for a few hundred shares Long and as usual offers nothing of substance. Probably another alias for Idiot X59 in drag. Wish a long would respond to my challenge and give us something real to chew on. Thank you to the U.S.Army in Iraq for giving me another chance to take my position up.

    • Finally you have said something that makes sense. I believe this will be written up sooner than you think

    • COUNT ON IT they will be coming!

    • Obviously you are another employee of this self-dealing management

    • With Ostrich-like Longs like you I am reconfirmed that my Short is valid. For all your ranting there is little substance in what you portray as fundamentals. Merely crap about Southern traditions etc. Suspect you are a newer more subtle version of the minions under the employ of the PR dept. of this SCAM!!!

    • This is not the only transaction of this type. There was a similar buyout of insiders in Ohio. A clear conflict of interests. The Ohio and Dallas lootings meet my standard for criminal activity. Several new (insider) millionaires were created and another one augmented his fortune hugely. Apparently, these guys take turns. These executives and the Board of Directors should be taken before a court of law. One outside Board member, a prominent Washington Attorney, was compensated $7 million. He has stayed quiet about the Dallas and the Ohio transactions.

    • donut_detective_undercover donut_detective_undercover Dec 14, 2003 10:59 AM Flag

      I have a better idea..

      present your "facts" to any up and coming business reporter waiting for his or her big break/story, according to this board kkd is ripe for a big new corporate scandal type story. Just think how the stock would drop. send your "facts" in multiple anonymous manila envelopes to various news entities.

      just trying to help.

    • good idea

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