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  • placethem2002 placethem2002 Jan 22, 2004 2:34 PM Flag

    Any insight on today's action

    I come to this board as trend trader who unfortunately seems to have a following of board bashers who are non-committal paper investors. I do apoligize ahead of time for their posts on here if they follow me. I think you will see my KKD posts will remain genuine.

    I noticed the outbreak pattern late yesterday afternoon and went long this morning on the confirmation of the uptrend. Any insight from real trend traders on this board, would be appreciated.


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    • I would define gullibility as believing that the financial statements of Krispy Kreme are a straightforward presentation of the company's performance.

    • "Anyone short 30k shares of this stock with the resources to hold through any sillyness
      is going to do very well."

      Gullibility (regarding Puttermouth's posts) is a sad thing.

    • Anyone short 30k shares of this stock with the resources to hold through any sillyness is going to do very well. When sanity returns to the market. 2005 at the latest. This stock will trade somewhere between $8 and $15.

    • "I expect
      to make lots of money shorting even more shares."

      And remember:

      "I am very wealthy"

      "I am a former member of Rekeyer's panel."

      "I have retired as a very successful market specialist"

      "I have am short KKD over 30,000 shares, and continue to add to my position."

      "I AM one of the big boys"


    • You have "many thousands short",but would like to see the stock back at 40-

    • How much money did you make on your short position today?

    • Why I like it as a short more now than in August.
      1) Harrods came and went as a semi - flop
      2 On fake rally almost every insider sold heavily in low 40's in size
      3) Lengood true to pattern did not keep his word about not selling for a year
      4) Management admits saturation with new emphasis on Asian and other foreign -hard sell market
      5) Atkins Diet / Obesity/Diabetes iterest expanding exponentially
      6) Bowles quits but not Cousins board
      7) Continued sharp growth in Intangibles
      8) Balance sheet gets tighter
      9)Leading analyst at INVESTMENT BANKER BB&T says SELL!
      10) Do surveys of how product is moving in Florida markets and realise sales are slowing in the supermarket sector
      11)More competitive pressures from Entemanns and Interstate
      12) Visits to 5 factory stores and unimpressed with traffic and presentation
      13)CFO quits and exercises options quickly and sells.
      14)New CFO is a Wall St. Type who seems both young and due for culture shock in Winston Salem
      15) New Director McCoy has represented himself as highly ethical-He either resigns or there is a huge clash with management.
      16)Personal consumption of the product - Not to my taste
      17)Learned of rollout of new 60,000 machines by Winchell/Chevron to compete in hot donut business
      18) Wachovia puts lid on further financing based on Tangible Net Worth.

      I shall be happy to continue this as I recall more negatives I've learned since August or new revelations as the books unfold. I have learned of NO that is none ,nada,nil new positives that would dissuade me from shorting more. Simply put this a highly tuned PR machine pushing out a fad /novelty product that is very bad for your health. I expect to make lots of money shorting even more shares.

    • Yes I started shorting this stock at 43.5 in August before the rally to 49.60 an continued shorting all the way back down to 40.625 and I have shorted many tens of thousands of shares but only 55% of what my ultimate goal was while not shorting as it dropped to 35 over the last several months . While I have a very nice profit- slightly diminished in the last two days I was ultimately hoping for a rally back to the 40 area to complete my position when I would like to take more aggressive action to reveal the depth of accounting and ethical issues. This is my number one Short candidate of any that I follow and the picture has deteriorated faster than I expected last summer. I believe it is a better Short now than then. Its what makes a market but I have deep pockets and am here for the duration,but if its going to 40 soon I shall be more appreciative than the Longs. Bring it on.

    • KKD was identified by one analyst (don't recall who - maybe Motley Fool) as a stock with good fundamentals and a large short ratio, and thus subject to a potential fast rise on a short squeeze. Might be that the squeeze has begun.
      Good luck.

    • What the hell is a 'trend trader'?

      First, the breakout is bogus. You just got sucked in, sucker.

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