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  • roadkillagin roadkillagin Jan 28, 2004 11:39 AM Flag

    This is gettin old

    I bought this stock hoping for a bounce. I am screwed. Everything is against me. Atkins fad. Management buys no stock in the company. That is always a bad sign. All I ever see is press releases on opening day crowds,nothing on crowds a few months later. If you put a Dnut shop in Hawaii, why wouldnt you put it in Wailea,Kapalua, Kannapali? Kahulia is a garbage dump and bus stop.

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    • Couple of thoughts- First, I guesss the Ignore thing was just an empty threat? Please reconsider. Second, I'm not "a long". I'll trade whichever way makes sense at the time. Third, given the drivel in your own posts, I'd say you were just a loudmouth with a keyboard, hardly in a position to give others here advice (on posting or on financials).

    • Fucking wonderful. You are laying on beach and you all hop in your wikiwiki wheel and drive an hour to armpit of Maui to eat some fucking donuts? Hello? Have you seen the breakfasts out here? At least the junkies and homeless will have a source of free nourishment now.
      Hey honey lets get a dozen and go to the beach.Its the fricking most insane thing I have ever heard of. No, the walk up window at Harrods is the dumbest fucking thing ihave ever heard of. When ever I think of London I always think of dunuts

    • I posted a while back that this location, whether or not the Mauii residents eat them, is a fate worse than death. No parking, no drive up access. ON the worst corner possible near the airport. People flee this area as fast as possible to get to their resort. And, baby, if they are men, they're not stopping for donuts, because the real payoff is seeing the bikinis at the resorts. That's right. No one cares about donuts in Mauii unless you are already fat and pregnant.

    • Yeah, I'm an idiot. I stay at 4seasons in Wailea and eat ten dollar hot dogs all day long watching thongs and playing golf. I stay away from the fucking road to Hana. Take a copter next time. No reason to leave Wailie, its fucking rainng everywhere else. Eight times??? What the hell were you doing. Next time in Maui give the car a break. Go to Kaui. Roys!!!! What the fuck. Donuts in Hawaii???? Who cares.

    • Lets see wave 3 of wave 5 just inundated bad TA again and the retracement set uo for takeoff just overran 50% . Ah well Ta isn't that good afterall. Now for retest of 35 and what say you if that fails? Just more gobble di gook. Fundamentals a deteriorating quickly. Salvage whats left Longs . Its going South with or without you.

    • >>" I bought this stock hoping for a bounce. I am screwed. "<<

      How many shares did you buy?

    • Actually, I believe Krispy chose the ideal spot on Maui for their store. The Kahului/Wailuku area is the population center of the island, and Kahului itself is the commercial center. Kmart, Costco, Home Depot, etc. all recently chose to build their sole Maui outlets there, within a half mile of the new KK store.

      In addition, with wholesaling in mind, Kahului is also the geographic center of the island. If you were to calculate the optimal location to minimize driving distance for each resident and tourist on the island, Kahului would be the solution. Add to that the fact that the new location is practically next door to the airport (i.e., easy puddle-jumper deliveries to the other islands on regularly scheduled commuter planes), and I think the spot becomes ideal for the wholesale business. And, of course, the Krispy Kreme sign will be the first thing tourists see as they emerge from the airport.

      Not to imply that this matters a whole lot one way or the other, but IMO, they knew what they were doing when they picked this location.

    • You need to get out of Houston more.

      Otherwise, everything seems like a garbage dump and a bus stop.

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