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  • x_5_9 x_5_9 Apr 28, 2004 3:08 PM Flag

    10-k: kkd on the dole

    "The real victims of this nonsense would appear to be "truth", Mr. McCoy's "Ethics", and the public in the form of unmindful new shareholders. Devil take the hindmost."

    Oh subclass of worm....after puking following the reading of your latest prophetic warning, I can only point out that the "real victims" here are the ones who read your crap and give it any credence.

    You step up on your soapbox, and using the most hypocritical whine you can muster, you lecture about the the sins of KKD you think you have identified and call for justice.

    How fucking pathetic.

    Almost as pathetic as your whining about the californicated KKD kiddie donut club you swore you'd never let your son into.

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