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  • x_5_9 x_5_9 May 5, 2004 9:01 AM Flag

    10-k: kkd on the dole

    "Timewise, where are we today in The Process?
    ... Early on, I'd guess. Early on."

    Yeah, right, oh subclass of worm.

    Like we're "early on" in the KKD class action lawsuits you predicted?

    "Early on" in the KKD indictments you predicted?

    "Early on" in the discovery of the collusion of banks and KKD you raved about?

    "Early on" in the discovery of the bookcooking you accused KKD of performing?

    Your pathetic hypocritical attempts to "be heard" on a donut chat board has led to you not only having delusional conversations with an imaginary friend in your posts, but RESPONDING to those same posts.....pathetic indeed.

    Now, in an attempt to mimic di_vur_se_fi, you try to come up with the most outlandish bashing you can come up with.....all of landing as a pile of shit that never is borne out by reality.....kinda like your life, I bet.

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