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  • delaurenthis delaurenthis May 25, 2004 5:19 PM Flag

    Where are we now?

    Just 88 cents from a 3 year low.
    More than 60% off the high of six months ago.
    A CC that didn't sink KKD further, but also failed to fuel the stock or gave any short term hope for the donut.
    What would be the catalyst for a brisk recovery for KKD? Will South Korea come to the rescue? If you are considering buying KKD, it must be purely because you think it is "undervalued" right now. But with a bunch of warning signs, people publicly questioning accounting, some definite well-documented very questionable decisions by management, lawsuits pending, why bother buying this company with many potential issues?

    So, based on where we are, who should be scared, the longs waiting for a prayer and a miraculous short squeeze (never mind that the typical conditions for a short squeeze are absent), or the shorts, hoping that KKD is not undervalued but overvalued?

    IMO, only speculators should be interested in buying KKD right now. Any prudent long should at least wait a while to see what happens to KKD. Your money.

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