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  • delaurenthis delaurenthis Jun 2, 2004 6:56 AM Flag

    Re: This guy just bought 24,000 shares

    "Correct me if I am wrong. However, I seem to remember that Ken Lay purchased Enron stock as it was in its death spiral. "

    Years ago I bought stock in a company with depressed stock, mainly because the new CEO bought a bunch of stock. The result: I got burned, the company almost went banckrupt! The company was Data Dimensions.

    The moral of the story is, yes, it is a positive thing if the CEO buys stock of the company, but it is far from being the magic signal that the stock has reached its bottom.

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    • I was thinking the terrorist would launch an
      event in the US just before the November election,
      but this would probably work in Bush's favor,
      and this is what the terrorist are probably thinking.

      Therefore a terrorism event this summer,
      probably in June is very likely, especially
      since events in Saudi Arabia are already
      having an impact on the price of oil
      and are encouraging our enemies.

      (To any government agency reading my post,
      I have no specific knowledge of an attack,
      but on 9/9/01 I did write a post on the COMS
      board warning that WW3 was just around the corner).

      The significance of such an attack to the stock
      market would be one final drive down, putting
      an end to the Jan-June 2004 correction and
      creating one hell of a buying opportunity for
      those with cash or those whom have patiently

      With respect to KKD:
      KKD product has reached maturity and is not a good long term investment.
      However, the insider buying is real (the CEO
      used real money, not stock options),
      and with 30% of the stock short, a short
      squeeze is inevitable.

      In the past shorting has been done by professionals
      and they were correct,
      but I sense that with respect to KKD,
      many of the shorters are amateurs and
      don't know what the pain of infinity means.

      I look for KKD to tripple bottom around $19,
      then rise to $30 by the end of the year.

      • 3 Replies to Edison20
      • Edison, you fucking moron. I can tell you how it feels. I shorted KKD in mid 30s and watched it run to high 40s in a matter of days. It is an awful feeling. I sat it out and shorted into it and it paid off. Huge gains often involve pain. If you dont want pain, be a daytrader.
        When I saw the skunk CEO buy shares on open market, I covered immediately. The reward at these prices does not justify the pain that may come if these dudes come clean and get a new business plan. Will that happen? I dont think so. so instead of sitting around pontificating about international events and terror attacks, get busy and buy this stock.
        Come on Shoe Clerks, buy this donut stand company. Pump it up. Pump it up.

      • There has been a great amount of cast off nuclear properties disposed from hospitals "etc" that is not accounted for. This in great amounts could be used on a dirty bomb. Word has it, the G is hot on some tails.. Watch this to hit the headlines shortly.I think this Homeland Security Dept. has their hands full. I do feel safe after I learned how they are putting things together after a slow start.

      • hey crackpot, why don't you take your paranoid ramblings to the AED board? they love to have malcontents like you around.

    • The moral of the story is learn how to research stocks.
      If your due dilligence doesn't tell you that KKD's market cap can easily sustain over 2billion given its rate of growth (albiet slower now) and its brand, you are throwing darts anyway.

      Let me know how things are in Vegas.

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