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  • chmchmchm2 chmchmchm2 Sep 16, 2005 9:48 AM Flag

    Morning paint job 260,000 shares strong


    6.55 for now. Less later? Wonder how much support below 6.50?

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    • Dude...don't bother aggravating yourself so much on these's not a viable social forum, really...mostly just a place for people to spew crap.

      However, collectively individual investors can drag out more information than you can on your own so it is still a worthwhile exercise to scan the comments. I have been short on KKD and have followed this board since July 2001 but I barely post anymore.

      People are just getting bored and agitated waiting around for KKD and SEC and NYSE to make the first move. It's absolutely astounding how long it is taking. I'm betting that there is much more lurking under the surface but that everybody involved behind the curtain is wary about taking action in a way that is seen to be 'destroying' this very popular brand name. But remember that essentially what we have is a publicly traded company that has admittedly manipulated their books to the point where they have NOTHING that is public that can be trusted, has been under SEC investigation for a LONG time with no statements yet, where they have liquidated all the previous executive, where a BK specialist is running the show on behalf of a vulture loan house and is playing sly word games with the public and the media and where all evidence points to significant losses being generated on a day to day basis. That's that. I will just wait on the short side until the cards are played. No point getting worked up in the meantime.

    • Erik the blowhard,

      Are you related to Napoleon by any chance? You seem to have the same personality.

    • you sound way too cocky for your own good.

    • he has no clue

    • You work at kk??

    • Back atcha Chm.

      I doubt it will seriously hurt us; who knows? Maybe it will get people excited and debating about donuts. Heaven knows that aside from our product, which is generally pretty tolerable, if not the best possible, there isn't anything else around here worth mentioning. Safeway and Albertson's and WMT just do pre-made stuff, and it doesn't compare.

      Still, it's surprising what the competition does to each other. A few weeks ago a nearby store closed, one store of another regional chain, and we immediately picked up a nice little bump. Strangely enough, or mebbe not that strange, we're selling stuff we usually don't pay too much attention to- the run-of-the-mill, anybody-can-do-it things! (Also picked up their baker, and he's a keeper.)

      The nightmare for me is where everybody succeeds just barely! It's a tough world out here in retail land, and we're under constant pressure as a chain from the big companies. We need our niche, and "the departments" are a big part of defining that niche.

      Ten more years, ten more years, ten more years ...


    • Thanks for the compliment Mark.

      Can understand your interest. Personally, I don't imagine an essentially one product store will be too big a drain on your much broader bakery business but suppose one never knows. Best it go down the drain.

      On that level, I would guess that particular store will live or die on it's own merits more or less irregardless of what happens to KKD corporate. Seems Chapter 11 far more likely than 7 (then I am no expert) Under 11, I would assume there will be a reorganization that will keep the company going though under new ownership.

      Good luck to you.


    • >>Thinking you might want to buy a territory in the new KKD?<<

      Naw. Not even if I liked the company. Retail is jail, and I've got a free pass to get out in just ten more years (I'm 55). I've got a modest amount in conservative investments, owe less than $9000 on my house, and no more, and am used to living modestly. We don't need the aggravation!

      No, my hope is my competitor will have to close up. I really am paranoid about losing market share- saw a job dry up on me once for just that reason, and am just compulsive about making sure that we're the first place people think of around here when they need baked goods.

      Plus, work's a LOT more fun when your numbers are good. (Ours are, at least for now.) Also have young people who need a future, and I'd hate to see the trade dry up on them. I'm out to prove it's a doable proposition.

      Always enjoy your genteel demeanor.

      Best regards,


    • Hi Mark,

      I am really not the best one here for answering that particular question though my background is with a major franchisor (weight control)but thanks for the hello.

      Thinking you might want to buy a territory in the new KKD?

    • "Pot calling the gettle black" award First Class with distinction.

      Citation: Doesn't know would be allie from foe.

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