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  • bluehorseshoe12 bluehorseshoe12 Jun 20, 2006 9:53 AM Flag

    Buy KKD - The long argument

    Nope, nope. nope. I may not have read every post, but I've been around for a year and a half, and don't recall seeing anything indicating what motivates the short posters I'm talking about. I just asked a question, that's all. What motivates them? I suggested some posibilities, and no one answered either way.

    "Geez Blue you're getting X_5_9 like." ----Yes, I'm getting cranky in my old age!

    "and perhaps others don't like the predictable "your a liar" response one gets if you mention you have a signifigant "in the money position" ----Then just cough up the original post you made way back when at $40, and shut 'em up! Besides you establish credibility.

    "I love this: "I never said all board shorts were acting as shills." Take out the word "all" and that's exactly what you said." ----NOPE again! This is what I said: "While I'm on the topic, I would love to know why the "usual, short-camp suspects" do this too." I referred to them as the "usual.. suspects", not "the board shorts" (meaning all shorts); then I referred to them by name. Read the post and tell me I'm wrong.
    If you need a good way to apologize, I'd accept a nice case of cold BECKS beer!

    "Wiping a tear from my eyes for the thousands of employees shorts would hurt. Damned luck Harry is around and buying shares to protect the jobs of KKD and Ford employees." ----Heartless, man, heartless! :)

    I need some more coffee!

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