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  • undervalued_investments undervalued_investments Sep 13, 2006 12:05 PM Flag

    Question for the shorts

    >eexactly, they will stabilise, after they close unprofitable owend and unsustainable franchise storre,s and then they'll make some profit, but How much. thats the question, and can this be done without bk. another question.

    They have already closed a bunch of company stores, but very, very few recently. I see this as a sign that they are done closing the bad stores. Otherwise, what is the holdup?

    ><<Agreed. But at least with company stores, they may be becoming more valuable, since the AVERAGE store reported an increase in sales (that is, considering only the remaining stores).>>

    >lol. you are falling in the same trap that class action claimants are. as the blogger says, these figures are deceptive.

    Deceptive maybe, but then how can you explain that revenues where almost the same as the previous Q, given that now they have fewer stores?

    > 014401001578/g65588a3s-1a.txt

    >this is the S-1 from 6 years ago, that's what you file when you do an IPO. Search <Page> 20 on the left side, you will find a huge table with KKD's results from 1996-2000, and the related discussion. These company-owned stores are the old stores. And the new stores? well, as everyone pretty much agrees, they are worse than the old stores.

    So what? This is now 6 years old. But most importantly, companies can experience a RADICAL change when they go public. Sometimes goin public makes them better (usually), but sometimes worse. I believe KKD's margins must now be much higher than before they were public.

    <<My mistake. I meant to say, closing stores for the past 3 months? >>

    >I know I said this before, but bro, you have to read:
    - the S1 from the IPO
    - the SC report 08/10/2005
    - the New loan from April 2005
    - the 10K from April 2006

    I do have read some of the above docs.

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