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  • bornagain1895 bornagain1895 Feb 2, 2007 9:11 PM Flag

    Mass. Has One KKD Store and.....

    Dedham school crossing guard accused of drug trafficking
    Daily News Transcript, MA - 47 minutes ago
    Harrington was arrested at 9 am Friday in front of Krispy Kreme at 780 Providence Highway on charges of trafficking heroin/morphine/opiates, distribution of ...

    Know it's a cheap shot. Just thought it funny.

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    • Give it up. Stick to your TA and leave out the crap.

      Great...! In addition to advice on "credibility", now your passing judgments on "crap". How fitting!

      You are a character, Rerno... you ARE a character!!

      Priceless! I tell ya', you just can't BUY entertainment like this anywhere else!


    • It's going to ruin whatever credibility you think you have.

      And who better to give advice on credibility than an imposter!!!

      Call the gas company, cuz the leak is getting worse- (your "discourse" is getting more even more "inscrutable"; quite a feat!!)


    • Why no, I was simply playing on your obvious pent up anger that you had by trying to provide some suggestions that were intended to soothe those vicious posts of yours that were in retaliation to you being called an idiot by, god forbid!, a WOMAN

      What anger? SHOW ME THE ANGER!!!!!! :o)
      (You're confusing me with LUDMILLA, Mr. Rerno... Remember the thread? I asked her a question about her cheese doughnut post, and she went BERSERK on me!)

      And listen buddy... here's the bad news- I thought mariel took the cake for inscrutable discourse, but you're coming in for a close second! (is there a gas leak in here, or what???)

    • Me? Affable Ole Blue?

      Heck, man, I'm one of the friendliest fellas around. Maybe it's those acrimonius glasses you see everything through; they tend to "color" things, you know.

      So... which of my posts to Ludmilla did you think was the angriest?

      BTW- this part... "Hell, your posts declare that you have the ammo, why didn't you make up a fantasy here about shooting her?"

      You REALLY need to try and relax, bud. You're starting to go over the edge.

    • Oh, I missed that part.... You see, satansproxy/marieldon2001 is usually incoherent, so I never really take the time to thoroughly read his inscrutable diatribes.

      BTW Rerno- some time ago I offered some other posters here a pre-paid jaunt to MR. T's FAMOUS ANGER MANAGEMENT CLINIC. If you want to get in on some of that, just holler...


    • The sad part is that what marieldon2001 said in his posts are absolutely true.

      You mean I really am a loser? (merde!)

      And remind me again why?

      Is it because:
      a) it's alleged that I didn't tune in to watch the big game in the pouring rain, and a purple guy singing 20-yr old songs? (actually I did watch it), or
      b) I post here (just like you do...)

      (BTW- double the smiley fun! Now can I ROTF and LMAO??)

    • Ok, I'll tuck those up my sleeve for later use. So how'd you like that "zinger" a la France` I shot at our buddy marieldon2001? Not bad for a plain ole les Americain such as myself...

      Je apprendre, no?

    • Want cocktail party quality advice? Try Google with key words "slice and golf."

      Ok, did that... says something about "pizza" and "putt-putt".... Sounds good to me! :o)

    • Try asking the same question to the pro at your club. If he is any good he won't even try to coach you without watching you take a few swings. Usually, it's a combination of changes not a silver bullet and you're Tiger Woods.

      Want cocktail party quality advice? Try Google with key words "slice and golf."

    • I'll give you a dozen free lessons when you buy the first dozen.

      Selling things by the dozen?! What a great idea! Where have I seen that before?? hmmmm......

      C'mon, truth_! Just give me one pointer on how to at least alleviate a slice somewhat (if not necessarily cure it)! I roll my grip toward my right shoulder now and then, and that works for a little while, but every so often it creeps back....

      Actually it's more like a built-in fade, and mostly on my driver (I use an older Titleist 975D, which I like), but I'd rather fancy smacking it straight all the time, instead of most of the time... you savvy, laddie?

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