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  • daveyw43 daveyw43 Apr 5, 2008 9:40 AM Flag

    I just shorted KKD

    "In closing, besides the penny stocks you play around with we know very little about your investing prowess, except for the fantasy game you're playing (which isn't very impressive). It leads me to believe that you have very little discretionary income ryder.

    However, we DO know that you waste a lot of pixels on the net. I haven't gleaned one bit of information from you that would benefit anybody.
    Care to refute that?" You tout the likes of COIN and preach to Ryder about penny stocks? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    AS far as information brought to the board Ryder tops all others with posting links to news articles that are pertinant to the present state of KKD. You, on the other hand, bring nothing but baseless bragging about yourself and your "investment acumen". After the TNH/JOSB debacle I don't know why you even try.
    AS far as KKD goes why not break tradition and tell the board what you think it should be presently valued at and why.

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    • Was I talking to you dickwad?

      <<After the TNH/JOSB debacle>>?? What? Bwaaahaaa haa haa! I suppose you'd rather have JOSB over the past year. And ryder's contributions ... links to news articles?? Please! That's even more laughable.

      I've already made my plays with KKD, or can't you read plain English? I'm not giving any advice on it because I don't believe there's enough information or transparency to know where the company will be a day or a year from know.

      Why don't YOU give us one stock to buy or short Monday morning and we'll see how they compare to mine.

      In the meantime, I cordially invite you to go fuck yourself, and fuck yourself hard!

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