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  • ooo_key_doke ooo_key_doke Apr 23, 2010 8:15 AM Flag


    Time to pick up KKD shares at a cut rate price.

    Great trade name,
    international expansion, turn around in place, better economic conditions on the way and experienced franchisees picking up store rights all bode well for this stock rising this year and next.

    What else can I say. Don't let the posters who were tied up in this stock several years ago deter your direction.

    When Ford was at $2 people were telling me I was crazy to buy it.

    Do your own investigating and base your trades on your intuition.

    Good luck to the longs.

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    • Right on glsierra!

      Higher stock prices a day from now and a year from now are based on future earning expectations. Not looking at the ten year chart.

      I can emphathize with KKD investors who might have lost money in the past but going forward is a different story.

      Case in point: About ten years ago I owned Merck stock that had tripled in value and had a chance to sell it for around $96. Then, I decided to hold and wham-o. The Vioxx debacle slammed the share price down to $25. Ooops on my part. After I held and dumped the shares for $58.

      We all have these stories I'm sure but I believe KKD is in a good position now with not much negative news.


    • Did you read the CC transcript? Tell me what KKD thinks their "operating profit" will do next year. They didn't say it would "double". It doesn't sound like they even have a coherent plan to increase earnings going forward.

    • Agreed

    • Skiidaddy, are you smoking something? Seriously.

      Ya, we all know that margins were razor thin -- actually negative, way negative -- while Cooper was there. He's not now. The company is showing huge improvements on the bottom line / efficiency. The operating profit DOUBLED in the last year. AFTER Cooper left.

      Yet again, why I am sitting here debating a dumb comment. Sorry. Dude, you cant live in the past.

      Absolutely know your history or doomed to relive it but actually live it.

    • Agree.

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