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  • rexjunett8th rexjunett8th May 18, 2011 5:36 PM Flag

    Earnings Date and Time Significance?

    Two things are most likely to happen after the report 1. The stock will jump 30% 2. The stock will decline 40% The trading paterns indicate this.

    • I'd put it more like up 30% or down 15%. Downside risk if they miss their numbers is maybe down $1 to $1.xx. Upside if they beat is maybe $1.50 to $2 max.

      I'm holding .... no change in position planned for at least another 6-12months. I think this will be be in the mid to upper $7s at announcement.

    • KKD is making money, They are still expanding and they are still paying off debt and the current rate will have all debt paid off in 2,5 years. The volume is increasing, suggesting that folks are anxious to buy KKD but hesitant to fully commit at the same time in order to see which way the trend is going. Once this hesitance is removed ( by earnings or some other triggering event) can you immagine what will happen- it will be fun to watch!

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