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  • rexjunett8th rexjunett8th May 25, 2011 7:28 PM Flag

    Why would anyone short this stock?

    Oh so your a day trader? Umm Okay. Ya i heard guys do good at that. NOTT!

    • "why short kkd"

      1- losing customers
      2- profit can be attributed to raising prices (overcharging customers)
      3- history
      4- technical indicators (look at that perfect h&s formed today)
      5- general market in early stages of selloff
      6- competition. Dunkin ipo upcoming with huge expansion plans
      7- overly aggressive accounting practices
      8- every short from NYC to London wants in on this
      9- their menu lacks diversity
      10- their debt is massive
      11- exploding coffee bean prices
      12- trust
      13- suspicious pump articles and upgrade prices
      14- their product according to CR has been losing favor for 3 years straight

      the stock and company are a scam and always have been. They're doughnuts are terrible because of that reused grease taste. They're on their way out as they have been for a while. Dunkin wants to start selling doughnuts prepackaged as well. They are healthier and taste better so many retailer may jettison kkd in favor of dunkin. Expect the low $7's this week. So does this post answer you're question?

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