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  • thoughful14 thoughful14 Aug 14, 2011 12:02 PM Flag

    Stiller- institutions... my thoughts!

    Obviously Funds have either made tons of money with GMCR or regret being on the sidelines.

    No doubt that many are following Stiller's move into KKD very carefully- that is natural!

    If\when the next earnings deliver in a big way and the CC is positive and gives more and more info about the KKD's plans, we might see some aggressive funds start to take positions in KKD.

    There are some very major funds holding shares in GMCR, in addition if one analyst with a serious following gets involved we are on our way.

    The pieces are falling into place.

    The next earnnings report is very important and the follow thru with expansion plans, new coffee flavors, enhanced menu offerings etc in the fall will set the stage for the development of this turn- around company.

    I am very optomistic!

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    • its a good observation. however, i doubt that it will have this grand effect with the fund managers. if he was soros or buffet ... then maybe.

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      • Just speculating about fundss

        Keep in mind there are so many small aggressive funds ( even within the majoy fund families). Most are under pressire for pooor performance in the first half. I am just saying that Stiller is a man to be watched carefully,

        I bought GMCR 1\08 and still hold all of my shares ( ex: taking my initial investment off the table). I am up 1250%. I have been an active investor for over 40 yrs and also worked on Wall Street. GMCR is the stock dreams are made of.

        I have never seen such a well managed company that is constantly growing as GMCR. Except of course aapl. Not only have they grown the company. They have added partners-- DKDN, SBUX, FOLGERS, CONAGRA and they have kept up on the manufacturing end.

        I think if you charted aaap ve GMCR over the last few years GMCR would outperform.

        I hope Stiller gets more involved in managing KKD now that he has upped his stake. I see KKD as a palate for an artist like Stiller to do his next piece of artwork on.

        FYI- I stay away from the day to day minutia of this or most any company and look at the big picture.

        Advice-- this stock is very tradeable, but if you buy into the future of this companu keep a core position and trade in a seperate account. Obe news release can move this stock and you don't want to miss it.

        Wishin' and Hopin"-- as the song goes!!

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