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  • rexjunett8th rexjunett8th Feb 19, 2012 8:48 PM Flag

    Stiller- KKD

    Stiller lost alot of Money on the recent downturn of GMCR. Selling 500,000 shares of KKD is not suprising as it is smart to equal profits and loss. Any Accountant would recommend doing this. Stiller is not the only fish in the Pond eyeballing KKD and its incredible growth and profits. KKD has a market cap just under 600 Million, that is tasty for any smart investor or hedge fund for immediate takeover.

    • I think it was stated he sold shares of GMCR, not KKD. Big difference.

    • I never said Stiller is the only one eyeballing KKD. Of course neither you or I can support this.

      I do not think any downturn in GMCR caused Stillers sale. People who amass great wealth of course rebalance their investments. Thats called financial planning, something I am familiar with as I have been a F.P. in the past.

      I seriously doubt whether Stiller sold because of any downturn in GMCR's stock.

      After all what is 34 million to someone worth in the neighborhood of 1 billion.

      By the way my friend you posted a few weeks ago that a deal for KKD was happening. You said you would report back.

      I am waiting........

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