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  • tlmetugoavvay tlmetugoavvay May 21, 2012 2:58 PM Flag

    Sideways Action Occurring>

    <<Well Hobo, stinky will log on as timetogoavvay and pretend he's not stinky (who would want to admit to being that moronic, dickless clown???). After that he'll one star for a while and pretend he's done. Later at night he'll return for more one starring trying to reduce my ratings to one star. The poor hapless briar is happy doing this for hours. I've noticed he enjoys one starring you also. Makr sure you exercise him regularly.......>>

    I hear ya, dickless clown, and I feel your pain. So, now what are YOU gonna do about it? I think your continued charade as the dickless clown is gettin' kinda old, isn't it? Kinas like your charades on the KKD board and the CMG boards where you offer nothing but crap.

    Good luck, dickless. So now what are YOU gonna do? Are you going to whine some more like the little boy you are about the fact that your POS posts are getting 1-starred....despite the fact that you multi 5-satr them to death right after you post them and thereafter??

    Aftera ll......your posts don't DESERVE anything more than a 1-satr, now do they?

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