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  • fisk007 fisk007 Jan 4, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

    6 to 12 Months

    It has now SNUCK UP to $11...

    ...and quite frankly there has been no mention of it in the financial press.

    The TREND is UN Recognized even as it sits right now.

    Again...COMPLETELY under followed move here.

    Should accelerate once it is recognized.

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    • As stated...

      Completely under followed and under recognized opportunity. Hopefully Managemment emphasized this morning the fact that they are at a virtual BEGINNING of a growth ramp.

      Now that it is at a virtual $12...

      Recognition...upgrades...and acceleration MAY be at hand.

      $15 looks very reasonable based upon comps.

    • Voila...

      The first note from the "financial press"... just came across Yahoo Finance!

      And it is the most BULLISH THING you could see!

      Why?? He is wishy washy about the possibilities for KKD...he is doubtful...

      GOOD!!! Just what you want to see from people AT HIS POINT IN THE MOVE if you are a bull.

      On the other hand...when you see the GIDDY ALL IN BULLISHNESS on display THEN you will have a signal to lighten up. Until then...this guy from CNN provides JUST WHAT you would prefer to see as an early stage bull.

      This same guy will be telling you to BUY at $18, $19, $20. Love it!!!

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