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  • thelyingherd thelyingherd Jan 23, 2013 9:16 AM Flag

    Its been one heck of a Ride, iam Out. Good Luck to all the Longs

    The amount of pumping by Cramer and the Street tells me this will be a double by the end of 2013, you got out way too early.

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    • I can't tie my shoe laces any more because I donut even see my feet ..KK's are the sweetest donut ever ~ I am so addicted...

    • Cramer pumping only invites shorts to the stock, and he bought in before the pump. He'll sell before calling the dump. I'm with this guy above I bought in just under 3 bucks and got out as well. They aren't curing cancer here it's fried dough. I like the growth story but a pull back is imminent. It's has almost formed a blowout top like JSDA did years ago. Blow out tops crash.

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      • Wow...

        I take a bit of a different look at the charts here.

        You take a look at the last 9 years you can see a clear long term REVERSE head and shoulders with a head of $1 and a neckline around $10 to $11.

        Measured move from the low of roughly $1 to $11 is a $10 move. Bring that together with the recent $10 breakout and you get a $20 to $21 area as a target. (One more reason upper teens looks like a minimum acquisition level)

        If anything...this move up by KKD looks NEW. Combine that with a new P&F Target of $27.50 and the fundamentals just screaming....things look very interesting.

      • To be precise, you got out around $9 and called anyone who stayed in dumb (it's only fried dough right?). Well, fried dough produced another 40% in about 2 months.

        Can't argue with those wanting to lock in a profit, and a correction may be in the works, but I'm willing to to give this some more time (and not call any who disagree with me dumb).

        Sentiment: Buy

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