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  • adslkid adslkid Jan 24, 2013 11:31 AM Flag

    Its been one heck of a Ride, iam Out. Good Luck to all the Longs

    Cramer pumping only invites shorts to the stock, and he bought in before the pump. He'll sell before calling the dump. I'm with this guy above I bought in just under 3 bucks and got out as well. They aren't curing cancer here it's fried dough. I like the growth story but a pull back is imminent. It's has almost formed a blowout top like JSDA did years ago. Blow out tops crash.

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    • Wow...

      I take a bit of a different look at the charts here.

      You take a look at the last 9 years you can see a clear long term REVERSE head and shoulders with a head of $1 and a neckline around $10 to $11.

      Measured move from the low of roughly $1 to $11 is a $10 move. Bring that together with the recent $10 breakout and you get a $20 to $21 area as a target. (One more reason upper teens looks like a minimum acquisition level)

      If anything...this move up by KKD looks NEW. Combine that with a new P&F Target of $27.50 and the fundamentals just screaming....things look very interesting.

    • To be precise, you got out around $9 and called anyone who stayed in dumb (it's only fried dough right?). Well, fried dough produced another 40% in about 2 months.

      Can't argue with those wanting to lock in a profit, and a correction may be in the works, but I'm willing to to give this some more time (and not call any who disagree with me dumb).

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • And look at the well timed article on Seeking Alpha. The author basically states that KKD is doing very well...YET...he would only buy in on a PULLBACK of 10% to 15%.

        Positive on the Company...BUT thinks a better entry would be 10% to 15% lower.

        Isn't that what anybody would say if they missed a 25% to 35% move in the last month???

        Basically it can be translated into - "DAMN - I missed it".

        Alot like the guy who did the video report on KKD 3+ weeks ago for CNN...prior to a 20% jump.

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