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  • thor1294 thor1294 Feb 1, 2013 3:24 AM Flag


    thanks fisk, couldn't find any articles in that time frame to explain the jump up. As far as take over, some what far fetched. I've little home work to do, need to review same store sales over last couple of quarters. how involved is robt stiller in this company.

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    • Think what you should look at the $48 Million in cash flow provided by operating activities over the last four quarters.

      The tax asset provides a tremendous cash flow situation for years to come. It allows them to invest in growth.

      Robert Stiller was a 11% holder for the last 2 years until he was forced out due to a margin call on his GMCR holdings when GMCR stock collapsed back in May. No idea if he is involved currently at any level.

      Acquisition far fetched? Why would that be? Strong Brand. Strong balance sheet. Strong management. Strong earnings. What is there not to like for any possible acquirer?

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      • what everyone never mentions is they paid down 100 million dollars in debt in 4 years out of cash flow---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      • Yup, I agree with all that you say. Anything can happen as far a take over. I know the story on R. Stiller as a one time owner of GMCR stock. I think KKD as a stand alone would do well with more imagination. Example: one store, Collingswood NJ (just a few minutes away from me), one store listed in the entire state of NY. I can't turn a corner without running into DD store. As I write this I can count t least 6 DD within a 2 mile range. Why are they here "population". I can't turn on TV without getting a DD commerical. Now KKD may have captured the south, but, you can't draw a line at the Mason Dixion and stop. If you want revenues then you need to storm the Bastile so to speak. I think there past is holding them back, he who hesitates looses, slow and easy just won't work

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