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  • bobbibedahlia bobbibedahlia Dec 4, 2013 10:05 AM Flag

    Bag holder shorts and other tales

    Congrats shorts you have a great profit, but shorting here,under 20 is risky.I'm not calling a bottom here but its close. Its like the guys who try to chisel out out a few cents when stocks are at a new high. The management of this company is not only naïve but in some respects stupid, With 71 new stores coming on line you don't try to call your 2015 earnings. To even try to extrapolate them is like a born again trying to set the date for the rapture. Basically the report was good but when you have a high PE you have to blow out numbers to go higher. Im sure in a month with an average market people will look good who bot here. Perhaps management extrapolated a low bar to beat it easily for 2014. Time will tell

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