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  • bobbibedahlia bobbibedahlia Jun 4, 2014 10:54 AM Flag

    Its putting in a bottom

    Volume is much lower than yesterday and puts for june are way The company has set a very low bar of two quarters of .15 and one of .16 to meet the ..69 cent low prediction and 17cents for three quarters to met the high projection--that's a slam dunk because they made .23 with bad weather. The analanalysts predict one number with what 54 stores opening . The costs of ingredients,sales ,but the management does one better they take those numbers as gospel and actually accept them and say they'll be lower. That does not mean this stock will not be dead money for a while. For analysts to even try to predict --extrapolate what sales will be is insanity. The correct answer for guidance would be to say yeah, those numbers you gave are inthe ball park ; we able to give you abetter number whenour new stores are on line. quarterly its up .23 this quarter vs a year ago .20 9.7 million this quarter compared to 8 million over aquarter a year ago and rev 121.6 vs.120.6 in 2013 quarter. Management is a total pooch screw and needs better PR

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