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  • rsr1_98 rsr1_98 Apr 8, 2000 11:04 PM Flag

    May KREM live long and prosper!

    My wife made me buy some krem stock. She had some
    krispy kreme dougnnuts somewhere about a year ago. We're
    in Connecticut and I had never heard of the company.
    She loved their doughnuts and kept talking about
    them. She heard about the IPO and said get me some of
    that stock. Usually her stock advice is "sell"
    everytime the price of one of our holdings moves (either up
    or down) so this was quite an endorsement. In at
    $37.135. I wasn't crazy about the price but it didn't seem
    to be going down from the open at about $32 (from
    the $21 IPO price).

    It's kind of out of place
    in our portfolio. I'm staying pretty much in the
    tech world even with the latest action. Some of our
    other holdings are sunw, dish, txn, ericy, jsdu, digl,
    gblx, atis, csco, and orcl. A company with an edible
    product is something new for us.

    I'll check back
    when we're up to message 500 or so and see how we're
    doing. Good luck, everyone.

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