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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. Message Board

  • reltco reltco Apr 21, 2000 2:03 AM Flag

    Let me tell you about Krispy Kreme...

    I see that the bashers have moved onto their next
    IPO target of opportunity, Krispy Kreme. Fifteen
    years ago I had my 1st KK donut in what looked to be a
    small time, unknown and locally owned business in
    Pensacola FL. It was no big deal. It was good, not the best
    donut I've had, but good. I moved to Jax, Fl. a few
    years later where I saw KK's popping up like daisy's
    and Home Depot's while some Dunkin Donuts folded or
    image changed (maybe in an effort to remain competitive
    w/ KK? Who knows). I just returned from Las Vegas,
    yesterday, where I saw a KK, donut machine viewing and all,
    in the shopping area of the Excalibur Hotel and
    Casino which, by the way, always had a crowd infront of
    the window and at the cash register. I told my wife
    that we had to check if KK was traded publicly. Low
    and behold I find out yesterday that KK IPO'ed just a
    week and 1/2 prior. I also read the news article and
    advisory announcing the Long Beach location Grand Opening.
    Now tell me again that this company is going nowhere.
    KK is tracking down the same road of popularity and
    growth that DD did 10 years ago with "gotta make the
    donuts". I am long and staying that way for quite awhile.
    From what I've seen and tasted over the last 15 years,
    this company has what it takes to be a successful
    national chain. That's something I'm going to bank on.

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    • They make & package their own "mix", in their
      "own plants", ==> future franchises will be buying
      KK products.

      They engineer & mfg their own
      doughnut making equip. ===> future franchises will be
      buying KK machines & parts.

      They distribute their
      "finished products", i.e. donuts to "satellites"---->
      gas stations, convient stores,supermarkets,
      charitiable funraisers, (Note 10% of KK's FY2000 revenues
      came from from Kroger Grocery Stores - page 33 of the
      KK prospectus )

      There is years of growth and
      expansion as they hit the "west coast", whjere there is
      just a handful of locations.

    • every time I go by on the way back from Angels
      baseball games at 10 to 11 at night and there are at least
      30 vehicles in line. This every weeknight. On
      weekends you can't even get near the place. Long Beach
      which just opened is similar. I haven't bought the
      stock yet but it sure looks like buying Mc Donalds 20
      years ago!

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