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  • pezlos pezlos May 11, 2000 9:50 PM Flag


    counting the $$$$$$ i have made on krem. Just
    landed in london and saw krem is at 56 3/16. Should have
    waited another day before selling. Oh well, my wife and
    i ordered that new lexus 400. Don't pout, at least
    you were not able to short that much krem so you have
    not lost that much 444

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    • Why don't you take the honors on this
      one.Although we don't agree on KREM,it's your turn to expose
      the discrepancy in the story.I'll give you a
      hint.Check the posting times.Remember,Intnl.check in time is
      2 hrs.Flight time plus clearing customs,ground
      transport and log on and post.Do us the honors in the
      spirit of trust but verify.

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      • Come on, anyone can see the guy's stories have
        more holes than a dozen Krusty Kreme glazed donuts.
        Pezlos is probably 10 years old and gets constant notes
        in his report card like "does not play well with
        others". His hostility probably comes from getting his ass
        kicked daily on the playground and he wants to try to
        get some anoymous shots in himself.

        greatscot, still think the valuation at these levels is
        appropriate? I'm hanging in there, still trying to borrow more
        shares to "average up". Pretty glad they've been hard,
        or I'd have sold some more at 47, 51, 54, etc...

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