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  • mongosta mongosta Jul 18, 2000 7:13 AM Flag

    Those shares that the shorts can't

    wait to free up......couldn't they
    be given to
    new board memebers as
    incentives? I know that was
    one of
    the things to vote on, which I
    carried. If no new open shares = low float. IMO

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    • I'm sorry. I didn't realize that the first part of your post was a quote from groaner.

      Glad to have you in the choir!!

    • You're preaching to the choir. I was ridiculing groaner.

    • PE always matters. Maybe not in the short term.
      But in the long term it all comes back to

      It's true that there is a whole bunch of companies out
      there now with no E and a whole lot of P. But if
      earnings don't materialize in the next year or two,
      they'll drop. It's happened to some already and it will
      happen to all eventually.

      I think that you're
      kidding yourself if you think that earnings will never
      matter to the price of KREM. It might take a year or two
      and the price might go to $250 or more beforehand,
      but eventually KREM's price will come back to

    • sorry i missed this one buy i notice someone else
      was nice enough to reply for me

      it is really
      not worth responding to your posts because:

      if you are stupid and crazy enough to believe what
      you post then there is no point in answering you

      with constructive arguments

      b) if you are
      actually a short trying to work some kind of bizarre
      reverse psychology on the moronic longs then it will not
      work because anyone who owns this stock is so stupid
      that they will believe you, thereby negating your

    • I think its a combo if "2" and "3".

      made mention of not being around in Oct., feeding his
      slop to anybody that will eat it up etc.

      think he's short, just playing a little P&D (pretty
      poorly if I may add).

    • "P/E really doesn't matter for this company,
      never has and probably never will. Which should scare
      the hell out of you, IF you had any gray

      You are either the stupidest person on the planet or
      you are doing a great job at yanking everybody's

      Folks, I think your resident cheerleader just blew his
      cover. He's a short using reverse psychology. But he
      went too far on this one and exposed

      Nobody, NOBODY could be this stupid.

    • You live in a fantasy world don't you?
      Don't you know the laws of gravity? This pig is going DOOOOOWWWWWNNNNNN.


    • The stock market.. Have'nt you noticed that KREM
      does not trade with the market. The dow could be down
      500 points and KREM could be up or could be up 500
      point and KREM could be down..Go trade some other
      stock. You are not a big time player in this stock and I
      am getting sick and tired of listening to your
      CRAP..You are lucky you sold today...By the way looks like
      we are heading lower at the close. What is your
      excuse for that. AH never mind I dont want to hear it
      because all you are going to do is make up some BS..When
      the stock goes up you take all the credit but when it
      goes down you blame it on the shorts and the MM's..Hey
      buddy if it wasnt for the shorts KREM would be at 50 by
      now..And the market makers are doing you a favor by
      holding up the price until OCT..I'M DONE...

    • considering that the Naz is down along with the DOW. People go to safety, and they realize that's what they get with KREM. A nice strong close today will set us up for a run to new highs tomorrow.

    • the last question was concerning margins but don't bother, i know your answer

      "margins don't matter"

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