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  • knowledgeisgood_emilfaber knowledgeisgood_emilfaber Aug 9, 2000 8:44 PM Flag

    Let me get this straight, KREM longs...

    The company makes donuts and they have a market
    capitalization of over


    They only sell donuts,


    These donuts have virtually (not absolutely, but
    virtually) no nutritional value to the average consumer


    And there are people out there that are actually
    willing to pay close to $60 per share in this "which way
    is it going today" economy for a company who's only
    obvious business plan is world domination of a "dessert"
    or "confectionary item" that is easily imitable by
    several mom and pop vendors on virtually every street
    corner in America (We're not dealing with the recipe for
    Coca-Cola here, are we?)?


    Oh, my! P.T. Barnum was a very smart man indeed. I
    have no position in this POS, but I'd say the people
    who have been able to short shares in this one are
    sitting pretty good right now.

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