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  • therhatpack therhatpack Dec 1, 2000 6:15 PM Flag

    Insiders too smart to sell and therein

    Charlie, nobody needs you to post your
    It is quite obvious judging from your posts.
    example, from the 60's to the 100's you couldn't stop
    telling us how overvalued this was, and that you were in
    awe to see a bloated donut company get so


    From the 100's to now you pump it non-stop.
    us institutions are buying/won't sell, too many
    shares short, management, splits, etc.

    There is
    nothing wrong with playing it both ways, but you seem to
    be a bit confused. You see, the object of the game
    is to buy it on the way up, and short it on the way
    You apparently have it ass-backwards.

    No need
    to tell us your trades charlie, personally I'm very
    comfortable with my hypothesis.

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    • no, moron, the object is to trade and make
      not just go short and stay short and happen to pay a
      little less margin on days when it goes down a little
      and then moan about the p/e, margins, and make fun of
      the longs

      maybe once you figure out why the
      moves in this stock happen you will understand why i
      have been right on target


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