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  • samsonp65 samsonp65 Nov 22, 2010 5:57 PM Flag

    NookColor..No Netflix, No Hulu, No YouTube....

    Reminds me of how a certain fruity competing Tablet-Maker had the opportunity to load cellphone capabilities onto their Tablet, but killed this functionality because it would've taken a bite out of their stand-alone cellphone sales. Many of their customers now carry both...after of course BUYING both. It's all about the money.....

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    • I bet we never landed on the moon either. It was all filmed in a movie studio, right?!

      A) The device is not selling for a loss. No matter how much you want to preach it Net.

      B) B/c the device is making a profit, they want to sell as many as possible.

      There's no way to "keep it out the hands of people who don't want to buy books". It's being sold at Best Buy for heaven sakes! And if you're trying to buy this as a cheep tablet to access the internet, you're going to be sad. This is not a tablet computer. It's a NOOK on steroids.

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