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  • RETAILexecutive RETAILexecutive Mar 3, 2011 11:50 AM Flag

    I will buy between 8 and 9 if.....

    there is a management change. I can not believe that every metro community will not support a book store that is well run and innovative. E books or not. Browsing is still important. BKS needs to improve their conversion rate by building loyalty programs that are supportive not punitive.

    Stores can be made more exciting as well. The coffee shop can be improved as well. More services can be added that can be monetized.Not going to get done with the old guard and old thinking about the paradigm. It has already begun the shift several years ago and nothing of note has changed in marketing or store operations. Hmmmm. At one time this was a pretty good enterprise when it was owned by Dayton Hudson. They saw the shift comming and invested in their better divisions and got rid of the rest. They were smart. I can not understand how RB puts up with these guys. The corporate guidance looks like three blind mice but they have his money. Boy he must be po. as it is never coming back. Sunk money is the worst kind.Nigh grade problem but can be solved but the wrong people are in the wrong seats on this bus.

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